Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Hair Natural?

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Sarah Jakes Roberts is known not only for her powerful messages but also for her hair has caught the attention of many followers and fans. One question that often arises is whether Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair is natural or styled. So, let’s take a closer look at her hair journey and explore the answer to this intriguing question.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Women Evolve

The first significant event since taking over her father’s ministry, Woman, Thou Art Loosed!, will be hosted by Sarah Jakes Roberts, noted for her well-liked preaching and leadership in the Woman Evolve platform. The purpose of the event is to encourage women to forge new connections and communities and to travel new pathways together. Renowned speakers like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Yvonne Orji, Brené Brown, and DeVon Franklin will attend the two-day conference.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband serve as the pastors of The Potter’s House Church. They are well-known online, with millions of social media fans and YouTube subscribers. Further evidence of her dedication to uplifting women can be seen in her best-selling book, Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life.

Overview of Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair

Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs

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Her hair texture, color, and length

Her hair is typically medium-length, showcasing a stunning display of natural curls that exude elegance and charm. As a prominent public figure, Sarah’s hair has become an iconic part of her overall image, capturing the attention and admiration of her followers.

Her iconic hair look

She is well known for having the classic long, curly hairstyle. Her lovely curls display her natural hair structure as they tumble down to her shoulders. She has inspired many people, especially those with curly hair, with her creative haircut. In addition to enhancing her distinctive style, Sarah’s long, curly hair also represents embracing one’s own sense of beauty and celebrating one’s own hair type.

Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Hair Natural?

Yes, Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair is indeed natural. In various discussions and interviews, she has expressed her appreciation for the versatility and convenience that wigs provide. However, she has also openly shared her experiences of experimenting with styling her own natural hair. This demonstrates her willingness to embrace and showcase her natural curls, even though she may occasionally opt for alternative hairstyles using wigs for added adaptability and freedom from long-term commitments. 

Does Sarah Jakes Roberts Wear a Wig?

Sarah Jakes Roberts has openly discussed her use of wigs as an alternative hair option. She has highlighted the advantages of wearing wigs, noting that they have helped her maintain the health of her natural hair while offering versatility in styling. In a Facebook post, Sarah Jakes Roberts shared her personal experience with wigs, shedding light on how they have been beneficial to her overall hair care routine.

By being transparent about her use of wigs, she contributes to the conversation surrounding hair choices and empowers others to explore different options that work best for them.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs

Is Good or Not for a Female Celebrity Wearing Wigs?

Wearing wigs can offer various benefits for celebrities, including the ability to effortlessly change hairstyles, protect their natural hair, and maintain versatility in their appearance. Wigs provide an opportunity for female celebrities to experiment with different looks and styles without subjecting their natural hair to excessive styling or potential damage. They also allow celebrities to switch between different characters or roles seamlessly.

But societal expectations and stereotypes around beauty and hair can influence perceptions of female celebrities wearing wigs. Some may argue that it promotes unrealistic beauty standards or contributes to a culture that doesn’t value natural hair. On the other hand, many proponents of wig-wearing argue that it is a form of self-expression and a personal choice that should be respected.

Ultimately, whether it is considered good or not for a female celebrity to wear wigs is a matter of personal opinion and can vary based on cultural, societal, and individual perspectives.


Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair is natural. While she has expressed her love for the versatility that wigs provide and the ability to try different styles and colors, but she has also mentioned times when she has experimented with styling her natural hair. The combination of her natural hair and the occasional use of wigs allows her to express herself authentically and explore a wide range of styles.

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