The Secret of Peso Pluma Haircut and How to Copy?

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The renowned mullet haircut has recently become popular, and many celebrities, including Peso Pluma, have adopted this daring hairstyle. His mullet haircut has also captured the attention of the public, leaving everyone to wonder what the secret is to its attractiveness. This essay will explain the secrets of Peso Pluma’s mullet haircut and provide you with the guide for re-creating it.

The Mexican Artist Peso Pluma

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known by his stage name Peso Pluma, is a well-known Mexican musician. He is the current cover star for Billboard and has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of Mexican music thanks to his own brand of corridos tumbados. With over 700 million official on-demand streaming in the US and 18 entries on the esteemed Billboard Hot 100 chart, Peso Pluma has achieved enormous success.

He created the genre of corridos tumbados by fusing traditional components with hip-hop, trap, and reggaeton in his songs, which is what makes him unique. “Ella Baila Sola,” one of his collaborations, rose to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and gained viral renown on TikTok as the first indigenous Mexican song to do so. Additionally, his album “Genesis” established a new benchmark for regional Mexican albums when it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard chart.

Peso Pluma has a large following outside the music industry, since many individuals have been inspired to adopt his appearance, notably his well-known hairdo.

Houston Barber Cuts Peso Pluma’s Signature Mullet Hair

peso pluma haircut

Houston barber, Kaz Tarek, had the honor of giving Peso Pluma’s iconic mullet a touch-up before his recent show in Houston. Tarek, who has worked with famous clients like Johnny Manziel and George Springer, was recommended to Pluma’s manager by a close friend. The cut took place at Smart Financial Centre, where Pluma performed that night. Tarek is based at Ziad’s Beauty Salon near The Galleria and is known for his skill in creating trendy looks.

Tarek also had the opportunity to cut the hair of Jasiel Nuñez, who is on tour with Pluma, as well as their manager. Tarek describes Pluma as a humble and friendly person, and they had conversations about his music career and the upcoming show. Impressed by Pluma’s talent, Tarek was invited to watch the show from backstage, an experience he found incredible. Though he doesn’t disclose the pricing details, Tarek admits that it was a perfect opportunity for him.

Peso Pluma’s Mullet-like Haircut, the Tendency Beyond His Music

Peso Pluma’s mullet-like haircut has gained significant popularity, extending beyond his music career. Social media is flooded with videos of fans requesting the same hairstyle as the renowned Regional Mexican singer. The haircut, which features a mullet with a sideburn fade, has become an unexpected trend that is now in high demand among teens in both the United States and Mexico.

Stylists worldwide are receiving requests for the “Peso Pluma Haircut” from their clients. The influence of this hairstyle has been so immense that a school in Mexico even banned students from entering if they sported Peso Pluma’s signature haircut or any similar style. Interestingly, this trend has transcended not only different age groups but also international boundaries, as it is popular not only in Mexico and Latin America but also in the United States. The demand for this unique hairstyle has even extended to pets, with people requesting the same cut for their dogs.

While, it remains uncertain whether the Peso Pluma hairstyle will reach the same iconic status as past trends like the punk-rock mohawk or Justin Timberlake’s dyed blonde curls. It is currently at its peak popularity, particularly among Latinx individuals who enjoy Peso’s music.

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The Story Behind Peso Pluma’s Haircut

The story behind Peso Pluma’s iconic haircut is quite intriguing.

Originally inspired by Justin Bieber’s hairstyle during his “Baby” era, the 24-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter decided to switch things up. On a trip to Colombia, a barber gave him a popular Medellin-style haircut that he initially despised. However, after seeing it in one of his music videos, Peso Pluma changed his mind and began to appreciate the style, stating, “Wait, actually, se ve bien perro” (It actually looks good).

Despite its recent popularity, the mullet haircut has a long history that dates back to ancient times. This distinctive hairstyle, characterized by shorter hair at the front and longer hair at the back, has been documented in civilizations like Ancient Rome and Greece. It had a significant presence among Phoenicians and Egyptians as well.

In more modern times, the mullet experienced a golden era in the 80s, becoming a rebellious symbol associated with the music scene. Artists such as David Bowie, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Rod Stewart embraced the mullet at various stages of their careers. Even actress Scarlett Johansson sported the mullet in 2003.

In 2022, the mullet haircut resurged as a growing trend, with Peso Pluma playing a significant role in its popularity.

How to Request Peso Pluma’s Haircut at Your Local Barbershop?

  1. Research and gather reference images: Look for pictures of Peso Pluma’s mullet-like haircut from different angles.
  2. Find a skilled barber: Check online reviews or ask for recommendations to ensure you find a barber who can deliver the desired result.
  3. Consultation with the barber: During your visit to the barbershop, have a consultation with the barber. Show them the reference images of Peso Pluma’s haircut and discuss your expectations.
  4. Trust the barber’s expertise: Barbers are professionals who understand the nuances of different hairstyles. Listen to their suggestions and trust their expertise. They may offer insights or recommend adjustments to ensure the haircut suits you best.
  5. Maintain open communication: Throughout the haircutting process, maintain open communication with the barber.
  6. Styling advice and tips: Once the haircut is complete, ask the barber for styling advice and tips to recreate and maintain the mullet look at home.

How to Get Peso Pluma’s Mullet Without Hair Cutting? 

Peso Pluma Haircut

If you’re a fan of Peso Pluma’s iconic mullet but aren’t ready to commit to a haircut, there is still a way to achieve his distinctive look – through the Use of Toupees. By wearing a similar-style toupee, you can recreate Peso Pluma’s mullet without having to make any permanent changes to your own hair. Not only does this offer a temporary solution for those who may not be ready for a dramatic haircut, but it also provides a range of advantages.

  • One of the main advantages of wearing a toupee to copy Peso Pluma’s mullet is the versatility it offers.

Toupees can be easily removed and attached, allowing you to change your hairstyle whenever you desire. This means that you can effortlessly switch between different hairstyles, including Peso Pluma’s mullet, without the need for any hair cutting.

  • Another advantage of using toupees is that they offer a realistic and natural-looking appearance.

Modern toupees are designed using high-quality materials that closely resemble real hair. This ensures that when you wear a toupee to recreate Peso Pluma’s mullet, it will look authentic and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

  • Furthermore, toupees allow you to experiment with different hair colors and styles without damaging your own hair.

If you want to replicate Peso Pluma’s mullet, you can easily find a toupee in the same color and style, helping you achieve the exact look you desire. This allows you to express your admiration for Peso Pluma’s unique hairstyle without any long-term commitment or risk.

To get your hands on a toupee that perfectly matches Peso Pluma’s mullet, it is recommended to purchase from offers a wide selection of high-quality toupees that are designed to give you a natural and realistic look. Our men’s toupees are crafted using the latest technology and techniques, ensuring a comfortable fit and natural appearance.

By wearing a similar-style toupee from, you can easily recreate Peso Pluma’s mullet without having to undergo a haircut. This opens up the opportunity for fans all over the world to join in on the trend and rock the same iconic hairstyle as their favorite celebrity.

Συχνές ερωτήσεις

What haircut does Peso Pluma get?

Peso Pluma sports a mullet-like haircut. It features shorter hair on the front and sides, with longer locks at the back, creating a dynamic and rebellious look.

Why is Peso Pluma popular?

Peso Pluma is popular due to his vibrant personality, eclectic music style, and unique image. His catchy tunes and energetic performances have garnered a significant following both in Mexico and internationally.

Is Peso Pluma Mexican?

Yes, Peso Pluma is Mexican. He was born and raised in Mexico.

Where is Peso Pluma from?

Peso Pluma hails from Mexico.


Peso Pluma’s mullet-like haircut has become a symbol of self-expression and individuality. It’s a hairstyle that embodies the fusion of retro and contemporary styles, capturing the essence of Peso Pluma’s music and personality. Whether you choose to visit a skilled barber or opt for a toupee, embracing the Peso Pluma mullet is a surefire way to make a bold fashion statement.

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