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In the world of sports, Patrick Mahomes is not only known for his exceptional talents on the football field but also for his unique and ever-changing hairstyles. With his previous hairstyles becoming iconic and widely emulated, the anticipation surrounding Mahomes’ latest haircut is at an all-time high. In this article, we dig into all details about Patrick Mahomes’ haircut.

Who Is Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes Haircut

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, has taken the NFL by storm since bursting onto the scene in 2018. Known for his cannon arm, unmatched athleticism, and ability to make jaw-dropping throws, Mahomes has quickly established himself as one of the league’s premier players.

Born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, Mahomes grew up in a football family. His father, Pat Mahomes Sr., was a major league baseball pitcher, and his godfather, LaTroy Hawkins, also enjoyed a successful MLB career. This unique background, combined with his own natural talent, shaped Mahomes into the exceptional athlete he is today.

In his 17 games played, Mahomes showcased his incredible skills by leading the league in passing yards with an impressive total of 5,250 yards. His ability to throw accurate passes resulted in 41 touchdowns, making him a formidable force in the league. With an average of 308.8 yards per game, Mahomes consistently displayed his talents as a top-tier quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly a key factor in the success of the Kansas City Chiefs!

Patrick Mahomes Says He’s Ready to Cut His Hair

Patrick Mahomes considering changing his signature hairstyle for the 2023 NFL season.

Mahomes, known for his taper fade mohawk, expressed frustration with his current hairstyle during a session with his personal trainer. He mentioned that he has been thinking about making changes and wants to try something different next year. However, he did not reveal specific details about the new hairstyle he has in mind.

Mahomes also mentioned that he considered making changes last season, but didn’t want to upset his endorsement deal with “Head & Shoulders.” He expressed a desire to have a different hairstyle as he gets older, and doesn’t want to be a father of two children while sporting a mohawk.

Chiefs fans will be eagerly waiting to see if Mahomes follows through with his plan to change his hairstyle in the upcoming season!

Patrick Mahomes’ Classic Taper Fade Mohawk Look

Patrick Mahomes Haircut

In addition to his prowess on the football field, Mahomes has become well-known for his trendy hairdo. His distinctive “Show Me cut,” often known as the mohawk fade, has inspired boys and men of all ages.

His curls are highlighted by the taper fade, which also gives him a sharper appearance by creating contrast between the sides and the top of his head. Although Mahomes has typically stayed true to his look over the years, there have been some minor changes, like the length of the hair over his ears. However, the V-shaped shape is still visible from the back.

Plus, when he sports a hairband during training camps, fans especially love it.

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The Story of Patrick Mahomes’ Well-known Haircut

It all began with a bet during his college years, where he competed with a friend to see who could grow their hair the longest. Patrick emerged as the winner and decided to keep his long hair because it was adored by the people at Texas Tech. Over time, it became his trademark look, both in college and now in the NFL.

Patrick doesn’t have a unique name for his taper fade mohawk, however, some people call it the “Show Me cut” because of his nickname. His hair is curly, which distinguishes his style in addition to its length.

How his haircut plays a role in the 2023 Super Bowl win?

Patrick Mahomes’ signature haircut may play a factor in the 2023 Super Bowl win. Mahomes entrusted his haircuts to his barber, DeJuan Bonds, who owns the ‘Purple Label Barbershop’ in Overland Park, Kansas. Before the game, Mahomes expressed confidence in Bonds, stating that he would ensure he looked fresh and clean walking into the game.

In the previous year’s Super Bowl, where the Chiefs fell short against Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay team, Mahomes was unable to get his usual haircut due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bonds humorously suggested that their loss could be attributed to Mahomes not having a haircut. However, in the Super Bowl LVII game, Bonds gave Mahomes his signature haircut, and their bond once again proved instrumental as Mahomes secured the victory.

Guide to Style Your Hair Like Patrick Mahomes

Step 1: Start with the right haircut

Visit a professional barber and ask for a taper fade, where the sides and back are gradually faded from short to longer hair at the top. Make sure to communicate the desired length and texture for the top part of the mohawk.

Step 2: Wash and condition your hair

Before styling, ensure your hair is clean and conditioned. Use a quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type.

Step 3: Create the mohawk shape

Using a comb or your fingers, lift the hair at the top of your head to create the mohawk shape. Comb or tousle the hair upward and slightly backward to achieve volume and texture. You can also use your fingers to separate and define individual strands for a more tousled look.

Step 4: Style the sides and back

With a comb or clippers, carefully shape and maintain the faded sides and back of your hair. Follow the initial taper fade created by your barber, ensuring a smooth transition from shorter to longer hair. You can choose to keep the sides and back neatly trimmed, or add some texture for a more rugged appearance.

Step 5: Set the style

To set the style and ensure it lasts throughout the day, consider using a hairspray or a strong-hold styling spray. Lightly mist your hair from a distance to avoid weighing it down. This will help lock in the shape and provide extra hold.

Step 6: Maintain your hairstyle

To keep your hair looking its best, maintain regular grooming habits. Schedule regular visits to your barber for touch-ups and trims. Follow a consistent hair care routine, including washing, conditioning, and using styling products suitable for your hair type.

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Patrick Mahomes Haircut

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What is the Mahomes haircut called?

That is commonly referred to as the “mohawk fade haircut”.

Is Patrick Mahomes changing his haircut?

While working out with his trainer Bobby Stroupe, Mahomes revealed that he is considering changing his hairstyle “next year.”

How to give a Patrick Mahomes haircut?

Firstly, leave the hair on top longer, typically around 4–6 inches, then trim the sides and back shorter using clippers or scissors, depending on the desired fade or undercut style.

Where does Patrick Mahomes get his haircut?

He is weekly haircuts were entrusted to DeJuan Bonds, as reported by the New York Post.


Fans are anticipating Patrick Mahomes’ new appearance as he gets ready to trim his famous hair. Regardless matter the approach he takes, Mahomes will continue to enthrall viewers on and off the football field. His distinctive sense of style and endearing demeanor will definitely make a lasting impression and encourage followers to embrace their individuality.

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