What Happened to Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Wigs?

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Recently, Jakes Roberts made headlines by removing her wig while preaching. The incident sparked a flurry of reactions and discussions, drawing attention to the topic of wigs and their significance in the lives of women. Let’s dig more information about Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Wigs.

Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts?

Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a prominent figure in the Christian community, known for her role as a co-pastor at The Potter’s House at One LA and The Potter’s House Denver, where she serves alongside her husband, Touré Roberts. With a strong spiritual foundation and a passion for inspiring others, Sarah Jakes Roberts has become a respected leader and speaker.

Beyond her pastoral duties, she is also a devoted mother, raising six children alongside her husband and balancing her time between Los Angeles and Denver, as stated on their website. Her influence extends beyond the church walls, as she uses her platform to empower and uplift individuals through her teachings, writings, and social media presence.

What Happened to Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Wigs?

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts took off her wig while preaching

During her sermon at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts experienced a moment that caught everyone’s attention. As she walked across the stage, her wig began to slip out of place. Unfazed by this, she calmly pulled it back down and continued preaching without missing a beat. Addressing the incident, Pastor Roberts expressed her conviction that her purpose was not dependent on her appearance or material distractions. To emphasize this, she boldly removed the wig and handed it to someone nearby.

The act of taking off her wig was met with overwhelming support and admiration from the congregation. People rose to their feet, applauding her courage and dedication to her message. In a powerful demonstration of solidarity, several women in the church also removed their own wigs. Pastor Roberts later shared her gratitude for the immense response and mentioned that while she enjoys dressing up and looking her best, her focus remains on spreading God’s word.

She emphasized that one can love Jesus and still embrace personal style and expression, but ultimately, as long as the message is received and God is glorified, her purpose is fulfilled.

Social media users praised Sarah Jakes Roberts for her courageous act of removing her wig in front of a large audience at Potter’s House Church in Dallas. Users described it as a “bold move” and applauded her for handling the situation with grace. Many women expressed feeling inspired and encouraged by Sarah’s act, which also led them to consider removing their own wigs. They noted that the pastor’s sermons and preaching had brought liberation to many.

Where do Sarah Jakes Roberts’ wigs come from?

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Sherri Shepherd’s wig fell off while reporting Sarah Jakes Roberts’ wig

Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs

A few days later, the famous Sherri Shepherd shared her admiration for Sarah Jakes Roberts on her show, and recounted the powerful moment when Jakes Roberts’ wig slipped off during one of her sermons.

Inspired by Jakes Roberts’ courage and dedication to her message, Shepherd decided to illustrate her point about wigs by removing her own wig while discussing the incident. As Shepherd passionately described the experience of a wig slipping, she jumped from her seat, and her wig also came off, much to the delight of the crowd. Embracing the lighthearted moment, Shepherd threw her wig into the audience, symbolizing the show must go on.

What’s a Wig, and When You Need to Wear It?

A wig is a head covering made from synthetic or natural hair that is worn to mimic the appearance of natural hair. It is typically designed to be worn over the scalp, covering the entire head or specific areas, such as the crown or sides. Wigs come in various styles, lengths, colors, and textures, allowing individuals to change their hairstyle and enhance their appearance.

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons, including

Fashion and Style

Wigs offer a versatile way to experiment with different hairstyles without making permanent changes to one’s natural hair. They allow individuals to switch between different lengths, colors, and textures to match their desired look or follow current fashion trends. Wigs can be a fun accessory to express one’s personal style and enhance overall appearance.

Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

Many individuals, both men, and women, experience hair loss or thinning due to various factors such as genetics, age, medical conditions (e.g., alopecia), or treatments like chemotherapy. Wigs provide a solution for those seeking to conceal or compensate for hair loss, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Wearing a wig can save time and effort in styling and maintaining natural hair. It eliminates the need for frequent visits to the salon, styling tools, and products. Wigs can be pre-styled, making it easy to achieve a desired look quickly, especially for those with busy lifestyles or limited styling skills.

Performance and Entertainment

Wigs are commonly used in the entertainment industry, including theater, film, and television, to create different characters and portray specific time periods or styles. They help actors and performers transform their appearance and enhance the overall visual presentation of their roles.

Cultural and Religious Reasons

In some cultures and religions, wearing wigs is part of traditional attire or religious practice. For example, in certain Jewish communities, married women may cover their natural hair with wigs or headscarves as a sign of modesty.

How to Secure a Wig?

Wigs are increasingly popular for their versatility and convenience, but they can sometimes shift or slip, causing inconvenience and discomfort.

To prevent these issues, the process of securing a wig begins before installation:

  1. Prior to wearing the wig, it is crucial to cleanse and protect your natural hair. This involves using a heat protectant or moisturizing leave-in conditioner.
  2. Ensuring your hair is completely dry before placing the wig on top, regardless of whether you have a braid-down or slicked-back style.
  3. Using a wig cap and a wig band can offer further protection to your natural hair while keeping the wig securely in place.
  4. Regular washing of both the wig and your natural hair is also important to prevent excess oil buildup, which can contribute to a slippery wig.

By following these steps and maintaining proper hair hygiene, you can enjoy a secure and comfortable wig-wearing experience.


Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ husband?

Sarah Jakes Roberts is married to Touré Roberts.

Does Sarah Jakes have children?

Yes, Sarah Jakes Roberts has children. She is a mother and has several children.

Who are Bishop Jakes’ children?

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the father of Sarah Jakes Roberts, has five children. Their names are Jermaine Jakes, Jamar Jakes, Cora Jakes-Coleman, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr.

What is the name of TD Jakes’s daughter?

Bishop T.D. Jakes has a daughter named Sarah Jakes Roberts.


Sarah Jakes Roberts’ decision to remove her wig while preaching sparked conversations about authenticity, self-expression, and societal expectations. Wigs have become more than just a fashion accessory; they serve as a means for individuals to explore different hairstyles, address hair loss concerns, or simply have fun with their appearance.

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