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Pete Hegseth, the charismatic host of Fox News, continues to captivate our attention with his latest haircut. Known for his lively on-air persona and conservative viewpoints, Pete Hegseth’s hair look have become a subject of interest and discussion among his devoted audience.

Fox News Host Pete Hegseth

Pete Hegseth is a prominent American television personality, author, and military veteran. Born on June 6, 1980, he gained recognition as a host on Fox News, where he has played a significant role in conservative commentary and political discussions.

Before entering the world of media, Hegseth had a distinguished military career. He graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics. Following his education, he joined the U.S. Army National Guard and served tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantánamo Bay.

Hegseth is renowned for his fashionable and well-groomed appearance, which includes his hair. He has had a variety of hairstyles over his time on Fox News, which have garnered notice and generated conversations among viewers. American television host Pete Hegseth’s Net Worth is estimated to be $19 Million as of 2023.

Pete Hegseth’s New Hair Look In August 2023

Pete Hegseth shocked us in August 2023 with his new haircut. His summer mullet was gone as he bravely adopted a much shorter hairdo. His supporters’ and followers’ reactions to the change were conflicting. Some expressed astonishment and nostalgia for his prior appearance, while others praised the new look, calling it elegant and fresh. The new hairstyle gave Pete Hegseth’s appearance a more modern feel. 

His previous mullet haircut

His previous mullet haircut

Pete Hegseth was known for his previous mullet haircut, which he had sported for some time. The mullet hairstyle, with its signature short front and long back, was once a popular trend in the 1980s and early 1990s. While some may view the mullet as outdated or unappealing, Hegseth’s unique spin on the look garnered a significant amount of attention. His mullet served as a conversation starter, and Hegseth was often asked about his decision to rock such a distinct hairstyle.

Does Pete Hegseth Have Hair Loss?

Indeed, upon closer inspection of recent photos, it becomes apparent that Pete Hegseth’s hairline is receding, and his hair appears to be thinner than in earlier years. This type of hair loss is a common occurrence among men and is regularly attributed to genetic factors. It’s important to note that the vast majority of men experience some degree of hair loss as they age, and Hegseth’s situation is no exception.

Did Pete Hegseth Wear a Hairpiece?

Whether Pete Hegseth is wearing a wig, it remains uncertain. Some people have noted that his hairline still follows a typical pattern of receding, similar to how it has progressed in previous years. This consistency suggests that his changing hairline is a natural occurrence rather than a result of wearing a wig. Despite the speculations, only Pete Hegseth himself truly knows the truth about his hair and any potential use of wigs.

How To Get Your Hair Like Pete Hegseth?

Consult a barber to cut Pete Hegseth’s haircut

  1. Find a barber: Look for a reputable barber who has experience with men’s haircuts and styling.
  2. Show reference images: Bring photos of Pete Hegseth’s hair from different angles to clearly communicate style to your barber.
  3. Discuss the haircut: Talk to your barber about the specific details of Hegseth’s hairstyle, such as the length, texture, etc.
  4. Work on the sides and back: Hegseth typically keeps his sides and back short, so your barber may use clippers to achieve this look.
  5. Cut the top: The top section of Hegseth’s hair is longer and styled with some volume.

Wear a toupee with Pete Hegseth’s hairstyle

If you are interested in replicating Hegseth’s hairstyle but don’t want to cut your hair or want a more immediate solution, you can explore the option of wearing a toupee or hairpiece. Consult with a specialist who deals with hair replacement systems or wigs to find a toupee that closely matches Hegseth’s hair color, texture, and style.

The pros of wearing a toupee compared to cut hair:

  1. It provides an immediate change in appearance.
  2. You can experiment with different looks, lengths, and styles without committing to a specific haircut.
  3. A toupee can effectively conceal these concerns by providing the appearance of a full head of hair.
  4. Compared to growing out and styling your natural hair, a toupee requires minimal maintenance.
  5. Toupees can be customized to match your hair color, texture, and style preferences.
  6. Choosing to wear a toupee is a reversible decision.

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preguntas frecuentes

What is Pete Hegseth’s salary?

He earns an annual salary of over $6 Million from Fox News.

Was Pete Hegseth in the military?

Yes. Following graduation, Hegseth was commissioned as an infantry officer into the U.S. Army National Guard in 2003.

Was Pete Hegseth married before?

Yes. He married Jennifer Rauchet, a Fox News executive producer in August 2019 but had previous marriages with two others; Meredith Schwarz’s first wife in 2014-2009, and Samantha Hegseth’s second wife, in 2009-2017.

What is Pete’s last name on Fox News?

His last name is Hegseth.


With each new hairstyle, Pete Hegseth continues to captivate the attention of Fox News viewers. Whether he opts for a classic clean-cut or experiments with a daring new look, Hegseth’s hair has undoubtedly become part of his signature style. As he confidently takes on the screen, it’s clear that his hair is just one more element of his dynamic personality that keeps viewers coming back for more.

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