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Joe Rogan’s baldness is now a feature of his appearance. You may even argue that it forms a significant portion of his identity and public persona. Given his jacked appearance and cauliflower ears, he may be mistaken for a thug. But Rogan had a full head of hair for a significant portion of his adult life, so this wasn’t always the case.

Joe Rogan Hair (Current Look)

Joe Rogan Hair (Current Look)

Joe Rogan’s bald head and intense responses have made him one of the UFC’s most recognizable faces. The comedian doesn’t feel all that lost without his hair. In fact, considering the condition of the hair he still possesses, he believes that becoming bald is the ideal look for him.

“I enjoy getting a clean shave since it’s so simple. I have a decent head for it. My head looks better when it’s shaved. I look better than I did with my head shaved. Particularly considering the hair I still have.” On his podcast, he stated, “It’s just all sick hair, sad hair.” But the color commentator for the UFC wasn’t always hairless.

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Young Joe Rogan With Hair

The elder generation may recall these rarer photos of Joe Rogan, but they do feature him with hair. While hosting the popular television show The Fear Factor, Joe Rogan had facial hair. Rogan’s largest position on mainstream TV prior to joining the UFC was this.

Young Joe Rogan With Hair

The first-ever UFC host was a youthful Joe Rogan. Rogan’s media presence and martial arts expertise earned him an invitation to host. He was a well-known Taekwondo black belt at this time.

Young Joe Rogan With Hair

A few years later, Joe Rogan. His hairline is clearly beginning to recede at this stage.

Young Joe Rogan With Hair

Joe Rogan in his pre-beard days. Rogan’s dark appearance can be explained by his Italian and Irish ancestry, as you can see.

How Joe Rogan Reacted to Going Bald?

Joe Rogan wasn’t podcasting when he started becoming bald. He was still mostly employed in television, so he was concerned about how growing bald may impact his job there. In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he clarified, saying, “I was freaking out because my hair was falling out.” Since I was also on TV and earning a career at the time as an actor on NewsRadio, I was freaking out when my hair started falling out. And I was thinking, “Oh my god, I’m losing my f*cking hair.”

For a time, Rogan took medication to attempt to prevent it from falling out, but it didn’t seem like it would stay on his head. “For a while, I sensed it was breaking apart. Nevertheless, I managed to salvage it using Minoxidil, and the Minixodil was still present. But it continued to fall out after some time. God, I really had to take action,” he continued.

Why Did Joe Rogan Shave His Head?

Because he was getting close to thirty and his hair was starting to thin, like many guys. Being bald was unavoidable—genetics will always prevail. Then, he used Rogaine and other baldness remedies for a few years, but all these treatments still failed. So he shaved that head. In all honesty, Rogan, like a lot of other balding men, looks BETTER with a bald head than a receding hairline.

What Are the Common Solutions for Baldness?


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There are medications available that can help treat baldness or slow down hair loss. One commonly used medication is minoxidil, which is applied topically to the scalp. Another medication called finasteride is taken orally to reduce the production of a hormone linked to hair loss. These medications can be effective in promoting hair regrowth and slowing down the progression of baldness.

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Hair Systems and Hairpieces

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How tall is Joe Rogan?

5′ 8″.

Does Joe Rogan have kids?

Yes, he has two daughters.


Witnessing Joe Rogan’s rare look with hair provides a fascinating insight into his ever-evolving persona. It reminds us that behind every public figure lies a journey of transformation, where personal choices shape their image and identity. Regardless of his hairstyle, one thing remains certain—Joe Rogan’s influence on popular culture is as undeniable as his unique ability to engage and entertain the masses.

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