15 Coolest Bald Mullet Haircut Ideas for Men

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When it comes to men’s hairstyles, the mullet has always managed to spark a mix of admiration and amusement. Now, taking the classic mullet to a whole new level is the bald mullet haircut. Here, let’s look at 15 of the most striking bald mullet haircut that is likely to turn heads.

What Is a Bald Mullet?

A bald mullet is a hairstyle that combines a shaved or bald head with longer hair at the back, similar to a traditional mullet haircut. It is characterized by a distinct contrast between the shaved/bald portion and the lengthier section at the back.

Which head shape suits a bald mullet?

In terms of head shape, a bald mullet can complement various face shapes, but certain head shapes may be particularly well-suited for this style. Those with an oval face shape tend to have more flexibility in pulling off different hairstyles, including the bald mullet. Additionally, individuals with a square or round face shape may find that the angularity and added length at the back of a bald mullet can help create a more balanced and elongated appearance.

How is bald mullet different from a regular mullet hairstyle?

The key difference between a regular mullet hairstyle and a bald mullet is the shaved or bald head. While both styles feature longer hair at the back, a regular mullet maintains a full head of hair, while a bald mullet intentionally incorporates a shaved or bald portion on the scalp. This aspect adds a unique edge to the overall look and can accentuate the contrast between the shorter and longer sections of hair.

15 Coolest Bald Mullet Haircut Ideas

Bald Fade Mullet

Bald Mullet

This hairstyle features a seamless transition from a bald or shaved head to longer hair at the back. The fade creates a clean and polished look, accentuating the contrast between the two sections of hair for a stylish and modern appearance.

Extended Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

With this variation, the length of the hair at the back is extended, reaching even further down the neck. This adds a touch of drama and rebelliousness to the classic bald mullet, creating a powerful and eye-catching statement that demands attention.

Thick Back

Bald Mullet

The key feature of this bald mullet is the thick and voluminous hair at the back, which creates a striking contrast with the shaved or bald head. The emphasis on the fullness of the back section adds texture and dimension to the overall style, making it an ideal choice for those who want to achieve a bold and dynamic look.

Bald & Silky

Bald Mullet

This style combines the sleekness of a shaved or bald head with a silky, smooth texture in the longer hair at the back. The contrast between the two textures creates an interesting visual effect, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to the edginess of the bald mullet.

Lined Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

Adding a line or design to the faded or bald section of the head can elevate the bald mullet to a whole new level. Whether it’s a sharp, precision line or a creative pattern, it brings an artistic and individualistic touch to the hairstyle, showcasing attention to detail and personal style.

Dual Two-Tone Mullet

Bald Mullet

This unique variation involves coloring the longer hair at the back with dual two-tone shades. The contrasting colors create a vibrant and bold statement, enhancing the overall impact of the hairstyle, and adding a sense of playfulness and creativity to the classic bald mullet.

Shaun Palmer

Bald Mullet

Inspired by professional snowboarder Shaun Palmer, this bald mullet features a rugged and sporty vibe. It combines the shaved or bald head with a longer, textured back, creating a hairstyle that exudes adventure and outdoor energy.

Bald Mullet with Razor Decal

Bald Mullet

Adding a razor decal or design to the shaved or bald section of the head can create a visually striking effect. Whether it’s a simple line or an intricate pattern, the razor decal adds an edgy and artistic element to the bald mullet, showcasing individuality and personal flair.

Electric Red Skullet

Bald Mullet

This bold and daring variation embraces a vibrant shade of electric red for the longer hair at the back. The intense color choice turns heads and makes a statement, giving the classic bald mullet a modern and audacious twist.

Uniform Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

This style keeps the length of the hair consistent throughout the entire back section, creating a uniform and neatly structured appearance. It offers a more polished and refined take on the bald mullet, perfect for those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look.

Textured Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

This hairstyle focuses on enhancing the texture of the longer hair at the back. With layers, curls, waves, or tousled styling, the textured bald mullet adds depth and movement to the overall look, bringing a touch of ruggedness and personality.

Bald Mullet With Highlights

Bald Mullet

Incorporating highlights into the longer hair at the back can add dimension and visual interest to the bald mullet. Whether it’s subtle, natural-looking highlights or bolder, contrasting colors, they provide a dynamic and eye-catching element to the hairstyle, enhancing its uniqueness.

Duotone Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

Similar to the dual two-tone mullet, the duotone bald mullet combines two distinct shades but with a more subtle approach. The two tones complement each other harmoniously, creating a balanced and cohesive look that adds depth and character to the hairstyle.

Bald Mullet for Dreadlocks

Bald Mullet

This style combines the edginess of the bald mullet with the timeless appeal of dreadlocks. The shaved or bald head serves as a striking base for the long, twisted dreadlocks at the back, creating a bold and unconventional fusion that showcases individuality and cultural influence.

Jarhead Bald Mullet

Bald Mullet

Inspired by the military-inspired “jarhead” haircut, this bald mullet features a neatly trimmed, tapered back section. This variation offers a clean and polished look while retaining the rebelliousness and distinctiveness of the mullet, making it a versatile choice for those who want a more refined yet edgy style.

How Do You Get the Bald Mullet Look?

If you’re a newbie looking to achieve the bald mullet look, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you rock this trendy haircut:

  1. Start by deciding on the length and style of the mullet.
  2. Visit a professional barber or hairstylist who is experienced in creating mullet hairstyles.
  3. The hairstylist will begin by shaving or closely cropping the sides and front of your head.
  4. Next, the stylist will work on the back of your head, leaving the desired length of hair.
  5. Once the basic shape of the bald mullet is established, the stylist will refine the look by blending the transitions between the shaved and longer sections.
  6. After the haircut is complete, the stylist may style the remaining hair using products such as gel, or wax to add texture or hold the shape of the mullet.
  7. To maintain the bald mullet look, regular touch-ups and trims are recommended to keep the shaved sections neat.

Bald Mullet Haircut Alternative

Bald Mullet

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Nejčastější dotazy

What do you call a bald mullet?

A bald mullet is typically referred to as a “skullet” or a “bald-headed mullet.”

Can bald people have a mullet?

Yes, bald people can have a mullet. The mullet refers to the distinctive hairstyle that features shorter hair on the top and sides with longer hair at the back, regardless of whether someone is bald or has hair.

Why is the mullet famous?

The mullet gained fame and recognition in the 1980s and became associated with popular culture, particularly in the United States. It was embraced by various subcultures and celebrities, contributing to its iconic status and trendiness during that time.

What is the difference between a skillet and a mullet haircut?

A “skillet” haircut is not a widely recognized term for a specific hairstyle. It might be a regional or colloquial expression for a mullet or another type of haircut. Generally, a mullet refers to the distinct combination of shorter hair on the top and sides and longer hair at the back.

Can people of any age wear a bald mullet?

Yes, people of any age can wear a bald mullet.

Is it hard to maintain a bald mullet?

Maintaining a bald mullet can be relatively easy, as the shorter hair on top and sides requires minimal styling and maintenance.


The bald mullet hairstyle offers a variety of alternatives for guys wishing to embrace their individuality and create a daring fashion statement, from retro-inspired forms to current interpretations. It’s a hairdo that simultaneously oozes self-assurance, rebelliousness, and a hint of nostalgia. There is a bald mullet style out there to fit every taste and personality, whether you prefer the classics or want a more modern touch.

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