Chris Evans Haircut: How To Get His Captain America Hairstyle?

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Chris Evans is not only known for his acting skills but also for his neat and stylish hairstyles. Chris Evans’ haircut is a topic of discussion among his fans. Here, we take a look at Chris Evans’ hairstyles and how to achieve his most famous Captain America haircut.

Who is Chris Evans?

Meet the handsome and talented Chris Evans! This Hollywood heartthrob is a well-known actor, director, and producer who has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Chris Evans is famous for his roles in popular movies like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America, The Avengers, and the Fantastic Four among many others. He has won several awards for his outstanding performances, including the People’s Choice Award and the MTV Movie Award.

In terms of net worth, Chris Evans is estimated to be worth around $80 million. With a lucrative Hollywood career and a successful production company, it is no surprise that he has amassed such a fortune.

Chris Evans’ stunning looks and amazing hair are also something that his fans admire. He is known for his lean and muscular build, blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, making him every woman’s dream man.

Overall, Chris Evans is a well-rounded celebrity who has achieved great success in his career and personal life. He is loved not only for his acting skills but also for his charming personality and humanitarian efforts. From being a real-life superhero to giving back to the community, Chris Evans sets a great example for his fans and aspiring actors around the world.

Chris Evans Haircuts Over The Years

Chris Evans is not only known for his acting abilities but also for his neat and stylish haircuts. Here are the different hairstyles Chris Evans has sported over the years:

Buzz Cut

Chris Evans Haircut

One of the most notable hairstyles of Chris Evans is the buzz cut. This close-cropped hairstyle is perfect for men who have a chiseled jawline. It requires minimal maintenance and gives a clean and sharp look.

Crew Cut

Chris Evans Haircut

Another popular hairstyle of Chris Evans is the crew cut. It is a variation of the buzz cut but with slightly longer hair on the top. This style is perfect for men who want to keep their hair short, but not to the extent of a buzz cut.

Slicked-back Style

Chris Evans Haircut

Chris Evans is often spotted wearing a slicked-back hairstyle, which is sleek and trendy. This style requires a bit of effort to maintain, but it looks great when paired with casual or formal outfits.

Classic Gentleman’s Cut

Chris Evans Haircut

One of the most sophisticated of Chris Evan’s hairstyles is the classic gentleman’s cut. This cut adds volume and texture to the hair, making it the perfect choice for formal events.

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The Evolution of Chris Evans’ Hair

  • The Long Hair: For many years, Chris Evans kept his hair perfectly trimmed to a length just below the earlobes, often paired with a medium length beard. This messy yet well-groomed look showcased his defined facial features and added a touch of masculinity to his style.
  • The Short Hair: At times, Evans opted for shorter hairstyles, ranging from a crewcut to spikey-fresh. While these looks emphasized his youthful baby face, they also showcased his versatility as a fashion icon.
  • The Blonde Hair: Though Chris has dabbled with lighter shades, many of his fans appreciate his signature brunette look for its bold and out-of-the-ordinary charm.
  • The Captain America Hair: As the iconic superhero, Evans’ hair has gone through various styles and lengths throughout the Captain America movie franchise. From a shorter, more military look to the famous back-combed style, Evans always ensured his hair was camera-ready for his portrayal of the beloved comic book character.

Chris Evans’ Iconic Hairstyle: The Captain America

Chris Evans Captain America Haircut

The Haircut in Captain America: The First Avenger

What does it look like:

Chris Evans’ haircut in Captain America: The First Avenger is a classic 1940s military haircut called the Regulation Cut. It features short hair on the sides and back, with a slightly longer length on top.

The steps to get it:

  1. Ask your barber for a Regulation Cut.
  2. Have them buzz the sides and back with clippers, leaving about 1/4 inch of hair.
  3. Have them scissor cut the top to the desired length, leaving enough length to style.
  4. Create a side part by using a comb to comb the longer hair on top to one side.
  5. Apply a small amount of pomade or styling cream to help hold the style in place.

The Classic Captain America Haircut: Short Back and Sides Swept Back

What does it look like:

Chris Evans’ classic Captain America haircut in the Marvel films is a short back and sides haircut that is combed back and styled with a small quiff at the front.

The steps to get it:

  1. Ask your barber for a short back and sides haircut, leaving enough length on top to style.
  2. Have the barber use clippers to buzz the sides and back, leaving about 1/4 inch of hair.
  3. Use scissors to cut the hair on top to the desired length.
  4. Use a comb and hair dryer to blow dry the hair back and create a small quiff at the front.
  5. Use a small amount of pomade to help hold the style in place.

The Haircut in Captain America: Infinity War

What does it look like:

Chris Evans’ haircut in Captain America: Infinity War is a short, textured cut with a slightly longer length on top. The sides are cut short, but not buzzed, and the hair on top is styled forward and to the side.

The steps to get it:

  1. Ask your barber for a short, textured cut with a longer length on top.
  2. Have the barber use scissors to cut the hair on top, leaving enough length to style.
  3. Have them use clippers to trim the sides, leaving about 1/2 inch of hair.
  4. Use a comb and hair dryer to blow dry the hair forward and to the side.
  5. Use a small amount of styling cream or wax to add texture and hold the style in place.

Is Chris Evan Hair Losing or Blading?

At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Chris Evans revealed his hair loss concerns. The actor, whose second Captain America film had just been released at the time! News that he was losing his hair: “I have no problem saying this, but I’m losing my hair.”

Well, 10 years have passed since he said, “I’m losing my hair,” but it appears that he still has the same hair.

Chris Evans Hairline: Does He Have A Hair Implant?

There are rumors that he may have had a hair transplant, as his hair seems thicker and stronger than before. Experts believe he may have had the procedure, but the actor has not confirmed or denied these rumors. He keeps his personal life private, making it difficult to know for sure.

First off, when he made the claim that he was suffering from hair loss, aged 29, he had a slightly receded hairline and a bit of temple recession. These are not really all that bold signs for the public eye unless you have eagle sight or are a hair loss professional. The most visible sign of change when before and after are compared is hidden in his widow’s peak from before. A very defined M-shaped hairline in his youth (as in early to mid-twenties) slowly turns into a straight hairline, without leaving any traces of clue behind.

Does Chris Evans Wear A Toupee?

No, as per his public appearances and movie roles, there has been no indication of him wearing a wig. Chris Evans is known for his thick head of hair, which he has styled in various ways throughout his career, from longer shaggy locks to shorter, more conservative styles.

How To Achieve The Chris Evans Hairstyle?

Step 1: Buy A Similar Hairpiece From A Reliable Shop

Achieving Chris Evans’ hairstyle does not necessarily mean you need to grow out your hair and spend hours grooming it every day. You can easily achieve his iconic look by purchasing a wig.

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Get A Captain America’s similar hairstyle wig

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Step 2: Customize Your Captain America Toupee

Once you have found a reliable wig shop, the next step is to customize your Captain America toupee. You can achieve this look by customizing your wanted hair system at Rehairsystem shop. More details about our hair system custom service can be checked here.

A professional wig store can help you select the right shade that matches your hair color perfectly. We can also offer styling products to add texture or hold to your wig, making it easier to recreate the iconic hairstyle.

Step 3: Wearing and Caring for Your Hairpiece

After you have customized your Captain America hairpiece, it is important to learn how to wear and care for it. Firstly, make sure to wear a wig cap underneath the wig to prevent it from slipping off your head. Place the wig on your head, adjusting it until it fits snugly. Use hairpins or clips to secure it in place, especially if you plan on wearing the wig for an extended period. To keep your wig looking good as new, avoid exposing it to heat sources such as the sun or a hairdryer.


What is Captain America’s haircut called?

Captain America’s haircut is commonly referred to as a military haircut or a regulation cut. In the movies, it is slightly longer on the top and shorter on the sides, with a clean, tapered look.

Who cuts Chris Evans’s hair?

Chris Evans’ hair has been styled by a variety of hairstylists throughout his career, depending on the project and the look he’s going for. Some notable stylists who have worked with him include celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati and hairstylist Chanel Croker.

How to grow your hair like Captain America?

To grow your hair like Captain America, you will need to have some length on top and keep the sides short and tapered. Regular trims and maintenance are crucial to keep the look clean and polished. You can also add some products to help style and hold the hair in place.

What is the name of Captain America’s haircut in Infinity War?

Chris Evans hairstyle in the Captain America: Infinity War is a traditional mid-length cut styled swiped back.

How do you cut a Captain America haircut?

1. Start by sectioning the hair into a horseshoe shape around the crown of the head, leaving the sides and back longer.
2. Use scissors to cut the hair on top to the desired length, leaving it slightly longer in the front.
3. Blend the sides and back into the top using a clipper or scissors.
4. Use thinning shears to add texture and remove bulk from the ends of the hair.
5. Style the hair using a matte, texturizing product to create a messy, voluminous look.
Be sure to consult with a professional hairstylist for the best results.

What haircut does Chris Evans have in real life?

Chris Evans daily hair cuts are low-key and easy to maintain, while giving the actor a boyish look. Usually, he chooses either a shortly trimmed buzz cut or a straight, smooth mid-length hairstyle.


A great hairstyle can elevate your overall appearance and add a touch of style to your personality. Chris Evans’ hairstyles are undoubtedly trendy and stylish, making him an inspiration for many. With the same style wig and proper maintenance, you too can achieve the same suave hairstyles as Chris Evans.

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