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Steve Harvey, a popular comedian, television personality, and game show host, has undergone a notable hair transformation in recent years. One question that many have wondered about is, Is Steve Harvey with hair or bald? From here, we’ll dive into Steve’s hairstyle journey, including his perspective on men’s hair loss and where to get the same toupees he has used.

About Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is an American television host, comedian, and radio personality who has recently made headlines for his departure from NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and “Family Feud” shows. As of June 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

Aside from his career in entertainment, Harvey is also known for his signature mustache and bald head, which he has been sporting for many years.

Harvey began his career in comedy in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He gained national recognition in the mid-1990s when he starred in his own sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show.” From there, he went on to host several successful television shows, including “Family Feud” and “Steve Harvey,” as well as radio shows like “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

In addition to his work in entertainment, Harvey is also a bestselling author and motivational speaker. He has published several self-help books, including “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which became a hit movie in 2012.

Despite recent controversies, Steve Harvey remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with a loyal following of fans who admire his humor, wisdom, and success.

Does Steve Harvey Go Bald?

steve harvey with hair

First, let’s establish that Steve Harvey is undoubtedly bald. He has been rocking the bald look for years and has even made it his signature style. In fact, many of his fans and followers admire and appreciate him for his confidence and comfort in his bald head. So if that was the main curiosity, the answer is yes – Steve Harvey is bald.

When did Steve Harvey become bald, and how did it happen? 

Steve Harvey began to experience significant baldness on the verge of turning 50. This is a natural occurrence as people age and their hairlines start to recede. He decided to modify his look and shaved his head, which became his signature appearance. He had tried various procedures to improve the quality of his hair during his professional career, but ultimately decided to embrace his new look. 

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Why Is Steve Harvey Balding?

Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects many men as they age. It is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic factors and hormonal changes. Certain medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle factors such as stress and poor nutrition may also contribute to hair loss. It’s important to note that hair loss is a natural part of the aging process for many people and is not necessarily a cause for concern.

Steve Harvey With Hair

Steve Harvey With Hair

Had Steve Harvey Has Hair and What Was That Like?

Yes, Steve Harvey had real hair for when he’s young. Steve Harvey’s hair was Afro-textured with a clean-cut hairline and corners during the early years of his career. He often changed his haircuts and wore wigs, leading to rumors that he was wearing an S-curls toupee to cover up hair loss. In the 1980s, he rocked the versatile hi-top fade hairstyle, which he achieved with the help of wigs.

High-top fade is the hairstyle that Steve rocked the most in his younger self; the versatile haircut with long curly hair on the top looks incredibly great on African-American men. If you see the old pictures of this star, you would see that a high-top fade hairstyle with a light beard was certainly the best look he sported. Harvey sported this hairdo throughout the 1980s.

Steve Harvey’s Haircuts During His Career

Steve Harve has gone through quite a transformation with his hair over the years. He started his career with a classic short haircut, but over time, he’s experimented with different hairstyles, most notably growing out a full beard and sporting a bald head.

  • When he was in his 30s during the 1980s, he was known for his high-top fade haircut and a well-defined hairline.
  • He later experimented with different styles such as buzz, surfer curls, and an afro to switch up his appearance.
  • He eventually transitioned to hair weaves for a more natural look.
  • In 2007, at the age of 50, Steve hinted at a new look and in January 2008, he debuted a completely bald head in JET magazine.

Nowadays, he is often seen with his signature bald head and black hair. Interestingly, Steve not only shaved off his thinning hair, but also removed his wig to reveal his completely bald appearance.

Steve Harvey With Hair or Not Now?

No, he doesn’t. Steve has been seen countless times on camera sporting his balding look, and he seems to love it. Apart from his humorous personality, Steve Harvey’s bald look has contributed to his success and has even inspired some of his fans to embrace their baldness.

There are various hairstyles that Steve Harvey will rock with his new hair. Here is our guessing about the possible hairstyles that Steve Harvey may choose to style his hair:

  1. The Classic Pompadour: Steve Harvey could go for a classic pompadour, where the hair is slicked back on the sides and top, creating a high volume look.
  2. The Buzz Cut: This hairstyle would be a dramatic change from Harvey’s usual look, as it involves buzzing the hair down to a very short length.
  3. The High and Tight: A popular style for men, the high and tight involves cutting the sides short and leaving more hair on the top of the head.
  4. The Side Part: Steve Harvey could also opt for a classic side part style, where the hair is parted to one side and styled with gel or pomade.
  5. The Natural Afro: For a more relaxed look, Steve Harvey could grow his hair out and style it in a natural Afro, embracing his natural curls and texture.

He Has Ever Worn A Toupee For Baldness

In the past, Steve Harvey had worn a toupee to disguise his baldness. He opted for an afro-style wig in black, which gave him a distinguished, judge-like appearance. This type of wig is particularly popular among black men and was always kept well-trimmed and styled by Steve, giving the impression that he took great care of his hair. The wig was so effective that it seamlessly concealed any bald patches.

However, during an NBA All-Star game, Steve was caught fixing his hair weave in the washroom and decided to shave his head instead. This revealed his horseshoe mustache that had previously gone unnoticed due to his various hairstyles, and complimented his new bald look perfectly.

Is It Good For Using Toupees for Balding or Thinning Hair?

Toupees or hairpieces can be an option for some people with balding or thinning hair who want to improve their appearance. They provide a quick and relatively inexpensive solution that can help boost confidence and self-esteem.

At the same time, toupees require ongoing maintenance and can be uncomfortable to wear if not properly fitted. They can also be difficult to match to hair color and texture, and may not look natural in certain lighting conditions or situations (such as wind or water).

Steve’s Take On Male Pattern Baldness

In a 2019 episode of his widely-viewed talk show Steve, Harvey didn’t shy away from the topic of hair loss and tackled it directly. He humorously shared his personal experiences and insights on why men need to embrace hair loss when it inevitably happens. Harvey emphasized that trying to fight hair loss is a losing battle, and accepting it is the key to moving forward.

He went on to provide a helpful set of guidelines as a sort of mental checklist to monitor his audience’s hair loss. For instance, he quipped that if men’s barbers start charging them half price or if their hats don’t fit anymore causing a loose fit, it might be time to start considering going bald.

Where to Get Steve Harvey Hairpiece or Toupee?

Steve Harvey is often seen sporting stylish wigs that complement his fashion sense. If you’re a fan of Steve Harvey and want to get your hands on a wig like his, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll suggest where to buy Steve Harvey wigs and how to choose the right one.

You can buy the Steve Harvey’s wig you want from the online store, Below, I recommend 2 wigs of the same style to you.

1. Afro Curl Hairpieces

Steve Harvey With Hair

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This thin skin Afro African American hair toupee for men is very durable with a 0.10-0.12 mm skin base which is also very easy to attach and clean.

The V-Loop ventilation technique is used at the front to create a realistic hairline. This skin hair system is also very well-suited to a brushed back style. Single split knots on the rest of the base not only help to give a natural top appearance, but also increase the durability of the whole hair system.

The base size of these men’s hairpieces is 8″x 10″ and also can be cut smaller prior to shipment.

2. Men’s Durable Hair System

Steve Harvey With Hair

Price: $249.00, you can buy from here directly: Men’s Toupee Thin Skin Base with French Lace Front

This hair system has skin in the back and French Lace in the front. The French lace front with bleached knots creates a highly natural and invisible effect along the hairline.

The thin skin in the back makes the hair system durable and easy to apply and remove. When you remove the tape/glue residue from the base, you won’t pull any hair through the base.

The base size of these men’s hairpieces is 8″x 10″ too.

3. Poly Skin Toupee

Steve Harvey With Hair

Price: $199.00, you can buy from here directly: Full Skin Base Men’s Hairpieces For Thin Hair

The men’s skin hairpiece unit has a base of poly skin all over with scalloped front. The thickness of the toupee base is around 0.12 mm. Compared to thin skin bases, it has a better shape and can last longer.

We do V-loops all over the toupee base, which creates a very natural appearance. It is one of the most popular men’s hairpieces models among salons because it is very durable and also can be cut and styled into any natural looking hairstyle.

For a skin base toupee, there are no knots at all, so it will look natural. One drawback for a skin base is that it is not so breathable.


What age did Steve Harvey lose his hair?

Steve Harvey began experiencing hair loss when he was in his 20s. He decided to shave his head when he was 38 years old after trying out various hairstyles that didn’t work for him.

Who was Steve Harvey’s hair stylist?

Steve Harvey has worked with various hair stylists throughout his career and it is unclear if he had a specific hair stylist that he worked with exclusively.

Has Steve Harvey been married?

Yes, Steve Harvey has been married three times. He was first married to Marcia Harvey, then to Mary Shackelford, and is currently married to Marjorie Bridges.

Does hair grow after 55?

Yes, hair can continue to grow after the age of 55. However, many factors such as genetics, hormone levels, and overall health can impact hair growth and thickness.

Does hair grow back after 60?

Hair growth can slow down as we age, but hair does not typically stop growing entirely. If hair loss has occurred due to a certain condition or medication, hair may regrow once the underlying cause is addressed. However, if the hair follicles have been damaged or destroyed, it may be difficult for hair to grow back.

How about Steve Harvey’s hairline?

Steve Harvey’s hairline is receding, and he often chooses to shave his head completely.

What did Steve Harvey look like before bald?

Before he went bald, Steve Harvey had a full head of hair that he styled in different ways over the years.

Did Steve Harvey shave his hair?

Yes, Steve Harvey shaves his hair regularly and has been sporting a bald look for a while now.


Steve Harvey has come a long way in his hairstyling journey, and he continues to inspire men by showing them how to embrace change and experiment with different styles. From going bald to wearing different wigs, Steve has proven that it’s all about finding what works for you. So, if you’re looking for a change in your hair journey, you can take some advice from Steve Harvey and make it work!

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