Jalen Rose Thinks A Haircut Worth $100 And His Wig Rumor

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Jalen Rose is a well-known American sports analyst who has made headlines for his unique hairstyles over the years. However, his recent comments on the cost of haircuts and rumors about him wearing a wig have left fans wondering about his hair situation.

The American Sports Analyst Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose is a former American basketball player and current sports analyst. He was born on January 30, 1973, in Detroit, Michigan. Rose played basketball for the University of Michigan, where he was a part of the legendary “Fab Five” team. He went on to have a successful NBA career, where he played for six different teams.

Rose retired from basketball in 2007 and became a sports analyst for ESPN. He is known for his sharp analysis and candid commentary, making him a popular personality on the network. He has also appeared on numerous talk shows, podcasts, and other media outlets.

As of 2021, Jalen Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. This includes his salary from ESPN, endorsement deals, and other business ventures.

One of the most notable things about Jalen Rose is his unique sense of style, particularly his signature hairstyle. He has been known to wear his hair in a variety of different braids and twists, making him a fashion icon among basketball fans.

Jalen Rose Haircut: 7 Classic Hairstyles

Throughout Jalen Rose’s career in the public eye, Jalen has sported various hairstyles, but there are 7 that stand out as his most classic and memorable. Here to check the most iconic haircuts of Jalen Rose.

Afro Blow-Out With Temple Fade

Jalen Rose Haircut

This haircut is all about volume and texture. The sides and back are faded, while the top is left long and curly, creating the afro effect. This style is perfect for those with thick, curly hair who want to show off their natural texture.

Crisp 360 Waves

Jalen Rose Haircut

The haircut involves brushing and training the hair to lie flat in a circular pattern, making it appear as if the hair is rippling like waves. This style requires a lot of patience and maintenance, but the result is a look that exudes professionalism and precision.

Finger Coil Dreadlocks

Jalen Rose Haircut

The hairstyle involves tightly coiling small sections of hair, over time, the hair will lock up to create individual dreads. This style is perfect for people who want to express their individuality while still looking put together.

360 Waves with Curved Line

Jalen Rose Haircut

With this look, the hair is styled in ripples along with a curved line shaved into the side of the head, adding a unique touch to the classic 360 waves.

Sponge Curl with A 2 On The Sides

Jalen Rose Haircut

This style involves using a sponge to curl the hair while the sides are cut with a number 2 guard, creating a more defined look. This style is perfect for those who crave texture and volume in their hair.

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

Jalen Rose Haircut

It is all about simplicity, with hair shaved off to a close length of 0. This style is easy to maintain and perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Buzz Cut With Blends

Jalen Rose Haircut

This is similar to the Triple Zero Buzz Cut but involves blending the hair from the top to the sides and back, creating a more gradual transition from longer to shorter hair. This style is perfect for anyone looking for a subtle yet stylish look.

Jalen Rose’s Take On Men’s Haircuts

During an event where he sported one of his unique hairstyles and trademark glasses, Rose expressed his support for these professionals.

On Friday, February 17, the 50-year-old basketball star posted a video on his Instagram account in which he defended barbers and beauticians, arguing that men should invest at least $100 on their haircuts.

In the video, Rose stated that a quality barber should be paid a minimum of $100 and warned against expecting high-quality services for $35. Despite Rose’s argument, many on the internet were surprised and doubted whether people should really spend a minimum of $100 on each haircut.

Is Jalen Rose’s Hair Real or Fake?

Jalen Rose has addressed the subject of his hair, acknowledging that much of what’s been said about it is accurate. He even released a video in which he sets the record straight, asserting that despite popular belief, his hair is not a wig or hairpiece.

In the same video, his hairstylists confirm that his locks are authentic and not artificially enhanced. Despite all the attention his hair has garnered, the former athlete continues to maintain its standout appearance.

He’s denied wearing wigs in numerous interviews, however, people still speculate that his flawless mane is too perfect to be natural.

Does Jalen Rose Wear A Wig?

Even though the constant rumors, it appears that Jalen Rose does not wear a wig. He has consistently affirmed that his hair is real, even posting a video to prove it. His hair has become a signature part of his look and charisma, and his fans appreciate the effort he puts into maintaining it. While the curiosity about Rose’s hair may persist, it seems that the truth is that he simply has great hair that he takes excellent care of.

How to Get Hair Like Jalen Rose?

If you want to achieve the iconic Jalen Rose hairstyle, then the first step is to find a skilled barber who can work with your hair type. Once you have found a barber, you can show them a picture of the style you want and ask them to recreate it.

How to Tell Your Barber?

When you go to your barber, make sure to show them a picture of the Jalen Rose hairstyle that you want. This will help them understand what you’re looking for and give them a better idea of how to cut and style your hair.

Other Ways to Recreate Jalen Rose’s Hairstyle

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Who is Jalen Rose’s barber?

Jalen Rose caused a stir in the media by sharing his newly crafted 360 waves on Instagram, prompting ESPN among other outlets to inquire about the skilled artist behind the work. It was soon uncovered that the credit was owed to none other than Andy Authentic, a Connecticut-based barber and Rose’s personal hair guru.

What is a razor line haircut?

A razor line haircut is a precise and clean haircut made with a straight razor. It’s usually used for creating sharp and defined edges or lines on the hair, such as hairlines or fades.

How often do NBA players get haircuts?

It varies among players and personal preference, but some players get a haircut every 1–2 weeks or even every few days. Keeping their hair well-groomed and presentable is part of their professional image.

Does Jalen Rose have a daughter?

Yes, Jalen Rose has a daughter named LaDarius Rose who was born in 2000.

Is Jalen Rose’s hair fake?

Jalen Rose faced skepticism about his hair’s legitimacy due to the thickness of his well-known 360 waves. Despite accusations from several celebrities – including Kevin Hart – suggesting he wore a wig, we maintain that his hair is authentic, and its texture is achievable through natural means.

How to get the Jalen Rose haircut?

To begin, use clippers to shorten your hair to approximately one inch in length. Next, use a comb to divide your hair into sections, beginning at the top of your head and progressing toward the back. Ensure that each section is about one inch in width to guarantee a uniform result once all sections have been cut.


Jalen Rose’s haircuts have definitely made an impact on the world of fashion and hair. Whether you’re a fan of his 360 Waves with Curved Line or his Triple Zero Buzz Cut, there’s no denying that his hairstyles are unique and bold. With the right amount of effort and maintenance, anyone can achieve these classic and iconic looks.

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