Jude Bellingham’s Hair Look After Transferring To Real Madrid

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Jude Bellingham, the young football sensation, has recently made headlines with his remarkable transfer to Real Madrid. And fashion enthusiasts are also curious about how Bellingham’s hair look will evolve in his new club. Bellingham has already made a statement with his bold and stylish haircuts, and now, with his move to Real Madrid, there is anticipation surrounding what his hair will look like in the famous white jersey.

Jude Bellingham’s New Hairstyle?

Jude Bellingham hair

Jude Bellingham’s hair look is seen to remain unchanged even after his transfer to Real Madrid. The talented footballer has been sporting an Afro hairstyle with a high top, low taper, and a precise hairline, which perfectly complements his exceptional skills on the field. This distinctive haircut was meticulously designed by Sheldon Edwards, a renowned barber from South London who is known as the unofficial barber to the England football squad. Sheldon revealed to the Guardian that Jude’s hairstyle involves a low taper with a high top.

As Bellingham embarks on his new journey with Real Madrid, fans can likely anticipate seeing him continue to rock his signature Afro haircut, maintaining both his impressive footballing abilities and his stylish appearance.

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Jude Bellingham Transfers To Real Madrid

In a groundbreaking transfer that has sent shockwaves through the football world, Jude Bellingham has officially joined Real Madrid. The Spanish giants have secured the services of the talented midfielder in a deal worth €134 million. This move marks a significant milestone in Bellingham’s career and highlights the trust and confidence Real Madrid has in his abilities.

Real Madrid recently confirmed the signing of England international Jude Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund for a staggering fee of €103 million (£88 million), which could potentially rise up to €133.9 million (£114 million) with add-ons. This transfer not only showcases Bellingham’s immense talent but also highlights the high regard in which he is held by top clubs around the world.

Bellingham’s move to Real Madrid presents him with an incredible opportunity to further develop his skills and compete at the highest level of European football. Playing alongside some of the world’s best players and under the guidance of esteemed coaches, Bellingham will undoubtedly face new challenges and experiences that will shape his career for years to come.

Jude Bellingham’s First Real Madrid Training

He took part in pre-season training with new teammates last week

Jude Bellingham, had been recovering from a knee injury, is now ready to embark on his first Real Madrid training session. The English midfielder encountered knee problems towards the end of the season at Borussia Dortmund, which led to his exclusion from the England squad as a precautionary measure during the last international games.

Madrid is determined to reintegrate him into full fitness with caution, ensuring he makes a smooth return. After enjoying a well-deserved summer break, Bellingham eagerly awaits the start of pre-season training at Real Madrid.

In an exciting development, the young starlet showcased his skills by scoring a remarkable goal during a training session with Los Blancos. Displaying his agility and composure, Bellingham skillfully maneuvered past multiple players before finishing with finesse. This impressive display surely left a positive impression on the coaching staff and further solidified his place within the team.

Looking ahead, Real Madrid has scheduled their central phase of pre-season in the United States, which will serve as vital preparation for the upcoming 2023-24 campaign. Bellingham is set to be part of this significant tour, joining his new teammates as they kick off their pre-season matches on July 24th against AC Milan.

What Does Jude Bellingham Say About Playing At Real Madrid?

The talented midfielder has spoken highly of his experience playing at the Spanish club. Bellingham says his new team-mates have been helping him to adjust to life in Spain.

He mentions that Lucas Vazquez and Brahim Diaz have been teaching him Spanish, and describes them as his biggest Spanish teachers. He also says that everyone is contributing to his language learning, even teaching him some “bad words” which he can’t wait to try out.

Bellingham’s focus on adapting to his new surroundings is evident, and he expressed excitement about playing under the legendary coach Carlo Ancelotti.


Bellingham has already proven his penchant for unique and stylish haircuts. Whether he maintains his current Afro With High Top or experiments with a new trend, one thing is certain: Bellingham’s hair look will continue to reflect his confidence, individuality, and passion for the game. As he takes the field for Real Madrid, Bellingham’s hair will undoubtedly become a topic of discussion among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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