Unlock Steve Harvey’s Hair Secret

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Steve Harvey, the renowned television personality and host of popular shows like Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Morning Show, has always impressed audiences with his impeccably groomed hair. Many have wondered what Steve Harvey’s hair secret is, and how he achieves such a flawless look. Here we delve into unlocking Steve Harvey’s hair secret.

Steve Harvey’s Hair Secret

His Signature Look: High Top Fade Haircut

Steve Harvey Hair

Steve Harvey’s High Top Fade haircut is a popular hairstyle that he has sported throughout his career.

The High Top Fade is characterized by a tall, flat top with faded sides and back. It became popular in the 1980s and 1990s and is often associated with the hip-hop and R&B culture of that time. The hairstyle requires regular maintenance to keep the top section sculpted and the sides and back neatly trimmed.

Steve Harvey’s High Top Fade has become iconic and is a recognizable part of his signature look.

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How to Get Steve Harvey’s iconic hairstyle?

The iconic Steve Harvey’s High Top Fade haircut is a hairstyle that exudes confidence and style.

Achieving Steve Harvey’s iconic hairstyle requires more than just mastering the styling techniques; it also involves having the right hair type and length. If you are blessed with thick, textured hair and a length that reaches at least a few inches, you are already on the right track.

However, if your hair is naturally thin or lacks the required length, you can always consider using hair extensions or a wig to replicate the desired look.

There’s good news for you. At Rehairsystem.com, our specialized wig shop, we offer the perfect solution – custom-made High Top Fade Toupees!

Our team of skilled wig experts can meticulously recreate Steve Harvey’s signature hairstyle to ensure that you achieve the utmost authenticity. With our wig shop, you no longer have to spend countless hours in the salon chair, waiting for your hair to grow and be styled.

Whether you have short hair, thin hair, or no hair at all, our professionals will work closely with you to design a wig that replicates the Steve Harvey look flawlessly.

Why Is His Hair So Iconic?

Steve Harvey’s High Top Fade haircut is considered iconic for several reasons:

  • Timelessness: Although the High Top Fade originated in the 1980s, Steve Harvey’s embrace of the haircut in the 1990s gave it a classic and timeless appeal.
  • Unique and Bold Style: Steve Harvey’s version of the High Top Fade is regularly exaggerated and reaches impressive heights, making it stand out and capture attention.
  • Cultural Significance: The High Top Fade became popular during the golden age of hip-hop and was frequently associated with African-American culture.
  • Influence on Fashion: With his matching bold suits, accessories, and charismatic personality, he created a distinctive and cohesive style. This unique combination of fashion and hair contributed to making his High Top Fade iconic.
  • Impact on Pop Culture: Steve Harvey’s High Top Fade transcended its origins and became a pop culture phenomenon. It was imitated and referenced in various media, including TV shows, movies, and comedies, further solidifying its iconic status.

How Does Steve Harvey Take Care of His Hair?

While there may not be explicit information available on Steve Harvey’s hair care routine, the comedian and television host is known for sporting a distinctive bald look.

Steve Harvey has been seen with a clean-shaven head for several years, suggesting he may prefer this low-maintenance style.

However, when he did have hair earlier in his career, it is likely that he followed a regular hair care routine like shampooing, conditioning, and styling based on his personal preferences and needs.


Steve Harvey’s hair has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the realm of popular culture. Its unique style and immaculate presentation have made it an iconic feature of his persona. While replicating his exact look may not be possible for everyone, understanding the styling techniques and caring for your hair can help you achieve a hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication, just like Steve Harvey.

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