What’s The Best Wig Glue Near Me and Where to Buy it?

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When it comes to wearing wigs, finding the right adhesive is crucial to ensure a secure and natural-looking fit. So, we will explore the world of wig glue, including its purpose, types available, factors to consider when purchasing, and where to find the best wig glue near you. Additionally, we will discuss the pros and cons of using wig glue, as well as provide alternative adhesive options for wig wearers.

What Is Wig Glue?

Wig glue, also known as wig adhesive, is a special type of adhesive used to secure wigs or hairpieces to the scalp. It is designed to provide a strong hold that lasts throughout the day, ensuring that your wig stays in place no matter what activities you engage in.

How Does It Work?

Wig glue typically contains chemicals that create a bond between the wig and the scalp. When applied correctly, it creates a secure hold that allows you to confidently wear your wig without worrying about it coming off or shifting.

How to Use It?

The process of using wig glue involves these general steps:

  1. Prepping the scalp: Before applying the glue, it is recommended to clean and dry the scalp to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Applying the glue: Using a small brush or applicator, a thin layer of wig glue is carefully spread along the hairline, where it will come into contact with the wig.
  3. Drying and tackiness: After the glue is applied, it needs some time to dry partially, becoming tacky.
  4. Attaching the wig: Once the glue reaches the appropriate tackiness, the wig can be carefully positioned and pressed onto the glued area.
  5. Securing the wig: To ensure a secure hold, gentle pressure should be applied to the wig along the hairline, working from the front to the back.

Why Is It Essential to Buy For Wig Wearers?

Wig Glue

Wig glue is essential for wig wearers for several reasons:

  • Secure hold: Wig glue provides a secure and long-lasting hold, ensuring that the wig stays in place even during vigorous activities such as exercising or dancing.
  • Natural-looking appearance: Wig glue helps create a seamless and natural hairline by securing the wig close to the scalp.
  • Versatility: Wig glue allows for versatility in styling. It enables wearers to try different hairstyles, including updos and high ponytails, without the worry of the wig shifting or moving out of place.
  • Confidence boost: Wearing a wig can provide a significant confidence boost for individuals who are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or simply want to change their hairstyle.
  • Longer wig lifespan: Using wig glue can prolong the lifespan of a wig by minimizing wear and tear.

Types of Wig Glues Available

There are several types of wig glues available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Lace wig glue

Lace wig glue is specifically formulated for wigs made with lace fronts. It is designed to create a strong bond between the lace and the scalp, ensuring that the wig stays securely in place. Lace wig glue often comes in liquid form and dries clear, blending seamlessly with the skin.

Bonding adhesive

Bonding adhesive is a popular type of wig glue that provides a strong and long-lasting hold. It is typically applied along the hairline, creating a secure bond between the wig and the scalp. Bonding adhesive is available in both liquid and tape forms, allowing users to choose the application method that works best for them.

Tape adhesive

Tape adhesive is another common type of wig glue that is frequently preferred by individuals who value convenience and easy application. It consists of adhesive strips or tapes that can be directly applied to the scalp, providing a secure hold for the wig. Tape adhesive is known for its durability and ease of removal.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Wig Glue

When purchasing wig glue, there are several factors to consider:

  • Firstly, consider the type of wig you will be wearing and select a glue that is compatible with it.
  • Additionally, pay attention to the hold strength and duration offered by the adhesive, as well as any potential skin irritations or allergies it may cause.
  • Lastly, consider your personal preferences in terms of application method, drying time, and ease of removal.

Pros and Cons of Using Wig Glue

Pros of Using Hair Glue

  1. Long-lasting hold: Wig glue is designed to provide a strong grip, ensuring that your wig stays in place for an extended period of time.
  2. Secure fit: It gives you the confidence that your wig will not shift or come off, especially during physical activities or in windy conditions.
  3. Natural-looking: The glue creates a seamless and discreet bond between your scalp and wig, giving a more realistic appearance.
  4. Versatility: Wig glue can be used on different types of wigs, including lace front, full lace, and even hairpieces or extensions.
  5. Easy removal: Many wig types of glue are formulated to be easily removable with the use of wig glue solvents or adhesive removers.

Cons of Using Hair Glue

  1. Allergic reactions: Certain individuals may be allergic to the ingredients in wig glue, resulting in skin irritations, redness, or rashes. It is important to do a patch test before applying it to your entire scalp.
  2. Potential damage to hair and scalp: Regular use of wig glue can lead to hair breakage and damage, as well as skin irritation on the scalp.
  3. Time-consuming application: Applying wig glue can be a meticulous process, requiring patience, skill, and practice to achieve a seamless and natural-looking bond.
  4. Difficulty in wig adjustment: Once the wig is glued down, it can be challenging to adjust or reposition it without potentially damaging the wig or requiring the reapplication of the glue.
  5. Residue build-up: Over time, wig glue can leave a sticky residue on the scalp, which may require additional cleansing steps to remove effectively.

Where to Find Wig Glue Near Me?

Local beauty supply stores

Many local beauty supply stores carry a variety of wig glues, making them a convenient option for purchasing this essential item. These stores often have knowledgeable staff members who can help you choose the best wig glue for your needs.

Wig shops and salons

Wig shops and salons specializing in hairpiece services regularly carry a wide range of wig glues. Visiting these establishments can provide you with expert advice and guidance, ensuring that you find the perfect adhesive for your wig.

Online retailers and websites

For a wider selection and the convenience of shopping from home, online retailers and websites offer a vast array of wig glues. Websites such as Amazon, eBay, or specialty wig stores’ online platforms regularly provide detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, making it easier to find the right wig glue for you.

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Recommend and Review the Best Wig Glue

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Wig Glue Near Me

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Wig Glue Alternatives – 4 Easy Wig Adhesives

For individuals who prefer not to use wig glue, there are several alternative adhesive options available.

  • Wig tape is a popular choice, as it provides a secure hold while remaining easy to apply and remove.
  • Wig clips are another option, allowing the wig to be attached to the natural hair without the need for adhesive.
  • Additionally, wig combs and headbands can offer additional security for certain wig styles. It is important to experiment with different methods to find the alternative adhesive that works best for you.


Which glue is best for wigs?

Different glues work best for different individuals depending on their preferences, skin sensitivity, and desired hold.

What is wig glue called?

The adhesive specifically designed for securing wigs is commonly referred to as wig glue. It is also sometimes called lace front wig glue, as it is primarily used to secure lace front wigs.

Can I use lash glue for wig glue?

While lash glue and wig glue share some similar properties, they are not interchangeable. Lash glue is specifically designed for securing false eyelashes to the lash line and is formulated to be safe for use near the eye area.

What glue holds wigs in place?

Including lace front wig glue, wig tape, and spirit gum, as mentioned earlier. The choice depends on individual preferences, skin sensitivity, and the desired duration of wear.


Choosing the best wig glue is an important decision for wig wearers, as it ensures a secure and natural-looking fit. Whether purchasing locally at beauty supply stores or wig shops or opting for the convenience of online retailers, there are numerous options for finding the best wig glue near you. So, embrace your wig journey with confidence and discover the adhesive that works best for you.

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