Which Is Better: Rose Namajunas With Long Hair Or Without?

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Rose Namajunas has been making waves in the world of mixed martial arts for quite some time now. Along with her impressive fighting skills, fans have also noticed her ever-changing hairstyle. Recently, she has been seen sporting longer locks, which have sparked a debate among her fans. Some prefer her with her new hairstyle, while others still love her classic, shorter hairdo. So which is better, let’s discuss in this post.

The Balding Look of Rose Namajunas

rose namajunas with hair

Rose Namajunas first gained fame due to her bald head. She shaved her head for a children’s cancer charity and continued to keep it that way. Some fans believe that the shaved head is not only a symbol of her strength, but also a statement that she is not just another female fighter with long hair. Her bald head has become part of her signature look, and many fans argue that she looks better without her hair.

The Look of Rose Namajunas with Long Hair

rose namajunas with hair

Other fans believe that Rose Namajunas looks more feminine and beautiful with her long hair. Many believe that it softens her appearance and gives her a more conventional look. Fans that believe in the long-hair look argue that it shouldn’t have to be one or the other. Long hair doesn’t make Rose any less powerful or fierce in the octagon, and it could even add to her arsenal of intimidation tactics.

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Which Is Better: Rose Namajunas with Long Hair or Without?

There is no definitive answer to whether Rose looks better with or without her hair. It’s merely a matter of personal preference. However, if one had to be chosen, it would ultimately depend on the individual’s taste. Some fans might prefer the bald look, while others believe that long hair complements her natural beauty. Nevertheless, both looks work well for Rose, and she has proven that she’s comfortable with either hairstyle.

Other Balding Female UFC Fighters

Rose Namajunas isn’t the only UFC fighter that has opted for the bald look. Felice Herrig and JJ Aldrich have also shaved their heads for various reasons. While it is not as common to see female fighters with a shaved head, it has become more prevalent in the last few years. It’s proof that fighters are not one-dimensional and that a person’s hair doesn’t define them.

Do All Female UFC Fighters Need To Cut Their Hair?

Many fans are under the misconception that female fighters have to cut their hair for practical purposes. The idea that long hair can interfere during a fight is a myth. The UFC has made it clear that fighters can keep their hair as they see fit. UFC fighter Paige VanZant has managed to keep her long hair throughout her entire career whilst still competing at an elite level.

How to Reproduce Rose Namajunas’s Long Hairstyle?

If you’re a fan of Rose’s long hair and want to recreate her look, there are ways to achieve it. Hairpieces are an excellent option for those who want to quickly switch up their hairstyle without the commitment of growing out their hair. Custom hairpieces that match your hair type and head shape can be made for a seamless look.

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It is safe to say that Rose Namajunas can pull off any hairstyle. Her short hair gave her an edgy vibe and complimented her fierce fighting style, while her long hair adds a touch of elegance to her overall look. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and what Rose feels most comfortable and confident in. Whether she decides to go short or long, we will continue to support her journey as a trainer and fighter.

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