Cam Newton Hair: Is That The Reason For Him Out Of NFL?

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Cam Newton is a talented NFL quarterback who has recently found himself without a team. While many speculate on the reasons for his unemployment, some theories suggest that his hairstyle might be to blame. Here, let’s talk about the details of Cam Newton’s hair, explore his thoughts on how it affects his career. Take a look at his various haircuts over the years, and even discuss how you can style your hair like the iconic football star.

Cam Newton and NFL

Cam Newton Hair

Cam Newton’s journey in the NFL has undeniably been a remarkable one, filled with incredible achievements and jaw-dropping moments. From being crowned the NFL MVP in 2015 to guiding the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl, Newton has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the league.

But as he finds himself currently without a team after being released by the Panthers and a short-lived tenure with the New England Patriots, football enthusiasts are left speculating on the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events. Surprisingly, some argue that Newton’s hairstyle might be a contributing factor.

While it may seem absurd to connect a player’s hair to their professional opportunities, in the image-conscious world of the NFL, outward appearances are scrutinized. Throughout his career, Newton has fervently embraced his individuality, unapologetically sporting unique and attention-grabbing hairstyles. From flamboyant mohawks to intricate designs etched into his hair, Newton’s personal style undoubtedly sets him apart from his peers.

All About Cam Newton’s Hair

Cam Newton Hair

To understand the impact of Cam Newton’s hair on his career, let’s first explore the details of his iconic hairstyle.

His Hair Type

One aspect that sets his hair apart is its unique texture. Newton’s hair is known for its tight, curls, which categorize it as afro-textured hair. These curls give him versatility when it comes to styling, as we’ll soon discover.

Hair Length

In terms of length, Cam Newton has sported various hairstyles throughout his career. He has been seen with both shorter and longer hair, showing his willingness to experiment with different looks.

Detailed Appearance

He pays attention to the detailed appearance of his hair, often adding subtle twists or shaved patterns to make a statement.

Cam Newton Thinks His Hairstyle Keeps Him Out of the NFL

Cam Newton Speaks on Style and Self Expression

While some may argue otherwise, Cam Newton has spoken candidly about how he believes his hairstyle affects his reception in the NFL. He sees his hair as a form of self-expression, allowing him to showcase his personality and creativity. Unfortunately, Newton believes that this individuality might be viewed as a distraction by some teams or make them question his commitment to the sport.

What’s The Fact?

It is important to consider both perspectives when examining the impact of Cam Newton’s hairstyle on his career.

Some argue that his hairstyle is irrelevant and that his skills as a quarterback should be the sole focus. Others believe that in a conservative industry like professional football, unconventional hair may influence the perception of a player.

Ultimately, it is difficult to determine the exact weight of his hairstyle on his employment status, as it involves subjective opinions and biases.

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Cam Newton’s Haircuts Over The Years

Buzz Cut

Cam Newton Hair

Early in his career, Cam Newton sported a classic buzz cut that perfectly complemented his fierce and determined demeanor on the football field.

Afro Style

Cam Newton Hair

One of his most memorable looks was the afro style. A departure from the clean-cut buzz cut, the afro added a touch of flamboyance and individuality to his overall appearance. This bold and voluminous hairstyle perfectly reflected Newton’s larger-than-life personality.

Starter Dreadlocks

Cam Newton Hair

After experimenting with various hairstyles, Newton decided to embrace the world of dreadlocks. He began by sporting starter dreadlocks, a slightly more refined version that added texture, depth, and a hint of rebelliousness to his look.

Freeform Dreadlocks

Cam Newton Hair

Newton eventually transitioned from starter dreadlocks to freeform dreadlocks, a more natural and untamed version of the iconic hairstyle. These loose and flowing dreads showcased his vibrant personality and effortlessly cool aura.

How to Style Like Cam Newton’s Iconic Hair?

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Cam Newton Hair

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While it remains uncertain whether Cam Newton’s hair has truly impacted his career in the NFL, it is undeniable that his personal style and self-expression play a significant role in how he presents himself to the world. Regardless of the reasoning behind his unemployment, Newton continues to be a fashion icon, inspiring others to embrace their individuality and express themselves through their hair.

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