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Dolly Parton is not only an iconic country singer, but also known for her signature style, including her glamorous wigs. However, have you ever wondered what Dolly looks like without her beloved wigs? Here we will reveal the unexpected look of Dolly Parton without her wig and explore her love for wearing wigs.

The Wig Of Queen: Dolly Parton

When we think of Dolly Parton, her voluminous blonde wig is one of the first things that come to mind. This wig has become her trademark and an essential part of her image. Dolly’s wig is not just a hairpiece; it represents her larger-than-life personality. It adds glamour and allows her to transform into the Queen of Country, captivating her audience with every performance.

Dolly Parton Hairstyles Over The Years

dolly parton no wig

Dolly was a huge fan of wigs and continues to rock her iconic big, sexy blonde wigs to this day. She believes that her wig is flattering and suits her best. Over the years, Dolly Parton has experimented with a variety of wig styles, each contributing to her larger-than-life persona and becoming an integral part of her image.

1. The Bouffant Era (1970s-1980s):

During the 1970s and 1980s, Dolly Parton’s wigs were characterized by their height and volume. The bouffant style was a perfect match for her larger-than-life personality, with her wigs often reaching impressive heights. These wigs incorporated her natural blonde hair, styled to give the illusion of greater volume. The bouffant era wigs were voluminous and brought attention to Dolly’s face, allowing her to stand out on stage and make a grand entrance wherever she went.

2. The Curly Bob (1990s):

As the 1990s rolled in, Dolly Parton’s wig style underwent a transformation. She traded her towering bouffant for a shorter, curled bob. This style showcased Dolly’s versatility and adaptability. The curly bob exuded a sophisticated and elegant vibe while still allowing her to maintain her glamorous image. This wig style added a touch of refinement to her ever-evolving look.

3. The Long and Flowing Locks (2000s):

In the 2000s, Dolly Parton experimented with longer wigs, featuring cascading waves and extensions. These wigs showcased her femininity and added a touch of sensuality to her stage presence. The long and flowing locks perfectly complemented her glamorous onstage outfits and made her an unforgettable presence wherever she performed.

4. The Blunt Bangs (2010s-2020s):

In recent years, Dolly Parton has embraced the trend of blunt bangs, incorporating them into her wig styles. The blunt bangs added a youthful and playful touch to her overall look. This style has become a signature of hers, framing her face and creating a striking contrast with her long, flowing blonde locks.

Why Does Dolly Parton Wear Wigs?

Dolly Parton wears wigs for multiple reasons.

  1. Firstly, she became famous not only for her talent but also for her iconic tousled wigs.
  2. Additionally, her passion for big hair can be traced back to her teenage years, when she admired photos from the Frederick Hollywood catalog.

In her book, “Songteller, My Life in Lyrics”, Dolly explains that as a teenager, she always dreamed of being able to afford and wear a wig. She mentions that her own hair is fine and flat, making it difficult for her to style it the way she wants. Therefore, wearing wigs allows her to achieve the desired hairstyle she envisions.

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How Many Wigs Does Dolly Parton Own?

Dolly Parton No Wig

Dolly Parton possesses an abundance of uniquely crafted wigs, easily amounting to hundreds. During an appearance for the Netflix show named Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, the renowned country singer clarified that she indeed possesses hundreds of these wigs.

With her daily usage of one wig, it is plausible to assume that she owns a minimum of 365. However, once her wigs deteriorate, she either auctions them for sale, procures replacements, or donates them to her museum in Tennessee.

Is Dolly Parton Always Wearing A Wig?

No, Dolly Parton occasionally removes her wigs, as she revealed in an interview with Elle Magazine. She doesn’t always wear wigs in her daily life, but still styles her hair for a dazzling effect. At home, she prefers to wear small scrunchies and do her own hair.

However, wigs remain her top choice due to their convenience, as she leads a busy life. Wigs offer her a wide range of options and ensure she never has a bad hair day.

What Is Dolly Parton’s Take on Wigs?

Dolly’s motto is “Big hair, don’t care,” as she loves her reflection in the mirror and encourages others to do the same.

Dolly Parton openly embraces wearing wigs, as they ensure she always has fabulous hair. Wearing a wig eliminates worries about ruining her actual hair. Her big hair is a significant aspect of her personal brand, for which she refuses to apologize.

Dolly Parton’s wigs play a vital role in her iconic appearance, attracting fans who strive to recreate her styles for years. Consequently, it was only logical for her to develop her line of wigs. She fulfilled her dream by creating her fashion line, including wigs, as it encompasses everything she desires.

The Reveal: Dolly Parton Without A Wig

Dolly Parton No Wig

It’s difficult to picture Dolly without her famous hairstyle, but she did share some old photos without it. Surprisingly, she looks stunning.

Back in 2018, she posted a vintage photo of herself in the studio on Instagram. The picture was in black and white, so we can’t determine the exact color of her hair. However, in an interview, Dolly confirmed that her natural hair color is sandy blonde, although it might have changed since then.

In 2020, she shared the same photo from a different angle, causing a frenzy among fans who commented on how amazing she looked with her natural hair. One fan even wrote on Instagram, “Without the wig, you look 10 years younger!” Another fan chimed in, saying, “Dolly looks just as beautiful now as she always has.” Whether she wears a wig or not, Dolly Parton remains unchanged.

Dolly herself said, “My hair and wig are the same color.” However, her natural hair is not as full or curly as her famous wig. In fact, it’s quite small. Yet, her natural hair gives off a soft and elegant vibe.

Where to Buy Dolly Parton’s Same Style Wig?

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Did Dolly Parton have real hair?

Dolly Parton is known for her iconic signature hairstyle, which typically includes large, voluminous blonde wigs. While she did wear wigs as part of her stage presence and fashion choices, she did have real hair underneath.

What was Dolly Parton’s natural hair color?

Dolly Parton’s natural hair color is described as a mousy brown or dark blonde.

What is Dolly Parton’s real first name?

Dolly Parton’s real first name is actually “Dolly.” She was born on January 19, 1946, in Sevier County, Tennessee, and was named Dolly Rebecca Parton by her parents.

What should you not do with a wig?

There are a few things to avoid when it comes to handling and maintaining wigs: Avoid high heat, don’t use harsh products, avoid excessive tension, don’t sleep with a wig on

How long can a wig stay on?

Some people wear wigs for a few hours, while others keep them on for several weeks.

What happens if you wear wigs all the time?

Wearing wigs all the time can have various effects, wearing wigs for an extended period without giving your scalp and hair proper maintenance can lead to issues. If wigs are not properly applied or removed, there is a risk of causing damage to the hairline, such as traction alopecia or hair breakage.


Dolly Parton’s wig has become a symbol of her larger-than-life persona and iconic style. Although her natural hair may not be as widely seen, Dolly’s wigs allow her to confidently perform and capture the hearts of her fans. Whether she’s donning her beloved blonde wig or revealing her natural hair, Dolly’s beauty and talent continue to shine.

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