From Transplants to Wigs: Is Elton John Bald?

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Elton John is a musical legend. Over the years, he has become known for his flamboyant outfits, outrageous stage shows, and chart-topping hits. But, in recent years, there has been speculation about Elton John’s hair. Fans and critics alike have been wondering whether Elton John is bald or if he wears a wig. From here we will explore the truth behind Elton John’s hair and whether he relies on wigs or hair transplants to maintain his iconic look.

Who is Elton John?

Elton John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947, is an English music icon who became famous in the 70s with hit songs such as “Your Song,” “Rocket Man,” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” He has won numerous awards and accolades, including five Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award.

Elton John’s Hair Loss Journey

Elton John Bald

At his age 23

When Elton John was 23 years old, he performed live in the US for the first time at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. With his abundant and luscious locks, he doesn’t seem like a probable contender for a hair restoration procedure.

1975, age 28

His journey with hair loss started at the age of 28 when he began to notice his hairline was receding. This is something that runs in his family, but he didn’t expect it to happen to him. He was at stage 3 on the Norwood Scale, which made him consider treatments such as hair transplants. However, even after the procedures, his hair loss continued.

Elton’s hair in the 80s

In the 80s, he started wearing flamboyant headgear to hide his thinning hair. This was part of his stage outfits, but it also became a way to cover up his hair loss.

Elton’s hair in the 90s

In the 90s, after getting sober, he tried wearing a wig, but this didn’t go down well with his fans. However, things took a turn for the worse when he underwent a hair transplant that went wrong. This led to him feeling self-conscious about his hair loss and scared of going bald.

What Caused Elton John’s Hair Loss?

  • Androgenetic alopecia caused Elton John’s hair loss. This happens when dihydrotestosterone binds to hair follicles, making them smaller and resulting in permanent hair loss.
  • Elton John’s mother warned him that he would become bald at 20, as baldness runs in the family.
  • He also suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, which can cause hair loss due to hormonal disturbances and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Elton John also blames a bad dye job, which caused some hair loss, but most of his hair was gone by 1976.
  • Elton John’s rock and roll lifestyle may have affected his hair, and his heavy cocaine use could have caused severe hair damage.
  • Stress and anxiety-related hair loss may also have contributed to Elton John’s hair loss.

Elton John’s Take on Baldness

Elton John is one such celebrity, who has openly expressed his dislike for baldness. He has talked about his struggles with hair loss, and how it has impacted him personally. Baldness can be a sensitive issue for men, as it is often associated with a lack of virility and masculinity.

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Is Elton John Balding Now?

Yes, Elton John has been balding for a while now, and his bald patches are more pronounced than ever. But he chooses to wear toupees to cover his baldness.

Elton John’s Hair Transplant Journey

Elton John Bald

Elton John underwent two, and possibly three, hair transplants during the 1970s and maybe in the 80s.

The First Hair Transplant

For his first hair transplant, he visited a famous doctor in Paris named Pierre Putot. The instruments used during his surgery were not very advanced, making the process even more frightening. He even bumped his head after the procedure while trying to get into his car, resulting in significant damage to his hair grafts.

The Second & Third Hair Transplants

Elton admitted to getting a second hair transplant, which was equally excruciating. People magazine reported that he had all three hair transplants at the same Paris clinic. Given the size of his Norwood Stage 7 balding area in his ‘before’ photos, multiple hair transplants were necessary.

Which type of hair transplant did Elton John have?

Elton John underwent the strip method for all his hair transplants. This method involves removing a strip of hair from the donor area and transplanting it onto the bald spot.

Why did Elton John’s hair transplants fail?

  • Substance abuse slowed down the healing process. His hitting his head would also harm the effects of the graft.
  • Wearing a tight hat after surgery is forbidden as it could lead to grafts falling off.
    Sweat can also cause infection.
  • Elton’s head was covered with scabs, but he also noticed craters on his scalp, which could have been a side effect of getting deep incisions during the hair transplantation procedure.
  • The media’s obsession with photographing the singer’s head made him insecure and forced him to wear headwear to hide his appearance.

He Finally Decided Wearing Wigs for Hair Loss and Bald

After the failed hair transplants, Elton John started wearing wigs and hairpieces to cover his bald spots. He has been seen wearing various wigs in public and has even joked about them in interviews.

How is Elton John’s wig experience?

Elton John dislikes being bald and opted for a wig. However, his first wigs received terrible reviews. Elton John was teased mercilessly in the press. Nevertheless, over the years, his wig has improved, and he is happy with it.

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Why did Elton lose his hair?

Hair loss can have many causes, including genetics, hormonal changes, medications, medical conditions, and lifestyle factors. Elton John himself has not publicly disclosed the reason for his hair loss.

How many hair transplants did Elton John have?

According to reports, he had three hair transplants.

Does Elton John wear a wig?

Yes. Elton John experienced hair loss and underwent two painful hair transplant procedures that didn’t work and left his head covered in scabs. Eventually, he gave up and got a hairpiece made by Hollywood movie wigmakers. Since then, not many people have commented on his hair or lack thereof.

How is Elton John’s health?

As for his current health status, Elton John has had some health issues in the past, including substance abuse, a heart condition, and throat surgery.


It’s now clear that Elton John has opted for a toupee as a solution to his baldness. Despite his initial attempt at a hair transplant, it appears that this procedure was not effective for him. However, the singer’s decision to wear a wig has not stopped him from continuing to rock his signature style with confidence and flair. Ultimately, it is a personal choice for each individual how they prefer to address issues of hair loss, and Elton John’s choice is just one of many options available.

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