Harry Styles Addresses Toupee Rumors: Yes or No?

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Harry Styles is no stranger to the rumor mill, especially when it comes to his hair. One of the latest rumors surrounding the singer is that he’s bald and has been covering it up with toupees. But, is that true? Let’s read carefully at this post to see whether Harry Styles wears a toupee, wig, or relies on extensions. 

Harry Styles and His Hair Evolution

Harry Styles Toupee

Harry Styles is known for his eclectic and ever-changing hairstyles. Since his days with One Direction, Styles has experimented with different cuts, colors, and textures, making him one of the most iconic hair chameleons in the music industry.

Here are some of Harry Styles’ most notable hair transformations:

  1. The Quiff (2011-2013) – Styles’ signature look during his early One Direction days was a classic quiff. He would blow-dry his hair up and back to create a slightly messy, yet stylish look.
  2. The Long Tresses (2013-2014) – In 2013, Styles started growing out his hair, and by 2014, he had long, wavy locks. He often tied his hair up in a man bun or ponytail and let it flow freely on stage.
  3. The Bowl Cut (2014) – For the promo tour of One Direction’s album “Four,” Styles shocked fans by cutting his hair into a bowl cut. The look was much talked about, but not necessarily loved.
  4. The Short Crop (2016-2017) – In May 2016, Styles surprised fans again by chopping off his long hair for a shorter, slicked-back look. This hairstyle made him look more mature and sophisticated.
  5. The Rockstar Locks (2017-Present) – Styles’ most recent look is a combination of his long hair from his One Direction days and his shorter, more polished style. He’s frequently seen with his hair styled in curtain bangs, framing his face perfectly.

Overall, Harry Styles’ hair evolution reflects his personal style and creative persona, showing his fans that he’s never afraid to push boundaries and try something new.

The Rumor Of Harry Styles Was Bald and Wore Toupees

Last year, in July, talk began that Harry Styles was losing his hair. Some fans are convinced that the 28-year-old singer, who usually boasts luscious, wavy brown locks, has been sporting a toupee. A celebrity gossip page, DeuxMoi, shared a post claiming an A-list singer and occasional actor had gone “almost completely bald” and was hiding it with a hairpiece – some assume it was referring to Harry.

Soon, TikTok videos began to surface where people scrutinized Harry’s hairline. In one video with over 6 million views, a Harry fan insisted that if Harry was going out incognito, having no hair would make it easy to go unnoticed. She even edited photos of Harry without hair to see how he would look.

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How Did Harry Styles Respond To The Rumor?

Rolling Stone UK asked Harry Styles about the rumors, which his collaborator Kid Harpoon had shared with him. Harry laughed as he recounted how Kid Harpoon was fixated on the idea and kept sending him messages about it.

However, Harry ended the speculation quickly by stating that he still has all his hair and jokingly wondered why being bald is such a big deal. He added that there’s supposedly a gene that causes baldness, but since his grandfather wasn’t bald, he hopes to avoid the same fate.

Should We Believe Harry Styles Or Not?

Without any concrete evidence, it’s hard to say whether the rumors surrounding Harry Styles’ hair are true or not. While some fans have claimed to have seen him wearing a toupee, others have come to his defense, stating that his hair loss is simply a result of genetics. Ultimately, it’s up to fans to decide whether they believe the rumors or not.

What Does Harry Styles’ Hair Look Like Now?

Harry Styles Toupee

Does He Suffer From Hair Loss?

Despite the rumors, Harry Styles’ hair looks just as good as ever. While some fans have claimed to notice a small amount of hair loss around his hairline, this is a common issue that affects many men as they get older. So, it’s likely that Harry Styles is not experiencing significant hair loss.

What About His Hairline?

If you look closely, you can see that Harry Styles’ hairline has receded slightly over the years. However, this is a natural part of the aging process, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s bald or wearing a toupee.

Is Wearing A Wig or Toupee a Good Choice for Harry Styles?

While some celebrities are known for wearing wigs or toupees to cover up hair loss, it’s unclear whether this is a good choice for Harry Styles. The singer is known for his unique style, and wearing a hairpiece could detract from his overall look. Ultimately, it’s up to Harry Styles to decide whether he wants to embrace his hair loss or cover it up with a wig or toupee.

Can You Copy The Harry Styles’ Hairstyle?

If you’re who is interested in following Harry Styles’ signature hairdo, one option you may want to consider is purchasing a customized hairpiece.

A hairpiece is a type of wig that can be worn on the head to create the appearance of a full head of hair. These hairpieces can be customized to fit your exact head shape and size, as well as to match the color and texture of your natural hair.

To customize a hair system to match Harry Styles’ hairstyle, you will want to work with a skilled stylist who can create the right cut and shape for you. This may involve trimming and shaping the hairpiece to mimic Harry’s signature tousled look. You may also want to consider adding some color or highlights to the hairpiece to create a more realistic look.

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Why did Harry Styles grow his hair?

Based on media reports and interviews with the singer, it is believed that he grew his hair to develop his own style and express himself artistically.

Does baldness skip a generation?

Regarding baldness, while there is some evidence to suggest that male pattern baldness can be linked to genetic traits, it is not always predictable and does not necessarily skip generations.

How to ask for Harry Styles’s haircut?

To ask for a Harry Styles haircut, it is best to bring a picture of the specific style you would like to your hairdresser or barber. Make sure to communicate clearly and listen to their professional advice on whether the cut will suit your face shape and hair type.


While the rumors surrounding Harry Styles’ hair are still swirling, it’s important to remember that they are just that – rumors. Without any concrete evidence, it’s impossible to say for sure whether the singer is bald or wearing toupees. However, one thing is certain – Harry Styles’ hair looks great, no matter what.

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