John Cena Bald Spot: Does WWE Superstar Go Bald?

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In recent years, WWE superstar John Cena has been making headlines, but not for his wrestling skills. Instead, it’s his hair (or bold spot) that has been the subject of much discussion and speculation. A popular photo of John Cena’s bald spot has gone viral, leading many to wonder if the iconic wrestler is indeed going bald. From this, we will explore the truth behind these rumors, as well as John Cena’s response to the situation.

About John Cena

John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor, and television host. He rose to fame in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and became one of its most popular and successful superstars. With his charismatic persona and incredible physique, Cena quickly became a fan favorite and a household name. Known for his trademark catchphrase “You can’t see me,” Cena has garnered a massive following both inside and outside the wrestling world.

Latest News: John Cena Fights Back After Getting Trolled for His Bald Looks

john cena bald spot

The WWE RAW live event, which took place in Cena’s hometown, was already poised to showcase his return. However, the segment turned out to be an unexpected treat, filled with incredible lines, predominantly delivered by The Face of the WWE himself.

Austin Theory, an emerging talent, not only challenged his “hero” for a WrestleMania match but also displayed a complete disregard for Cena with his disrespectful comments. But Cena fearlessly exposed the facade of WWE’s scripted drama and wasn’t shy about criticizing Theory’s own career, making this an unforgettable encounter.

Throughout the intense argument between Cena and his so-called “admirer,” verbal jabs flew back and forth. Initially, the WWE United States Champion appeared to have the upper hand, but Cena quickly took control and delivered some of the most impactful promos of the night. Despite Theory’s repeated attempts to embarrass him, Cena effortlessly dodged derogatory comments about his bald appearance on national television.

When Theory couldn’t resist another dig, saying, “You know what, I’m not going anywhere just like that bald spot on your head ain’t going anywhere,” Cena responded with unwavering pride. With a hint of sass, he replied, “Proud of the senior circuit, baby.” This stinging retort served as a powerful slap to the young wrestler who dared to challenge the wrestling legend. Cena’s single statement spoke volumes, revealing that he embraces his aging appearance and finds pride in his journey.

So, Is the WWE Superstar Going Bald?

A photo of John Cena’s bald spot goes viral

john cena bald spot

On his highly-anticipated return to WWE for Friday Night SmackDown, wrestling icon John Cena found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason. While engaging in a match with Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, images of Cena’s bald spot began circulating on social media platforms, quickly going viral.

It all started when Cena removed his cap during his entrance, unknowingly revealing the top of his head, which sported a noticeable bald spot. Despite his successful performance in the ring, fans on Twitter couldn’t resist commenting on this unexpected glimpse of the superstar’s aging process. Many even took the opportunity to advocate for Cena to embrace a completely bald look.

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John Cena trolled for his bald spot

John Cena has faced repeated trolling for his bald spot, with critics focusing on this aspect of his appearance rather than his impressive career achievements. This trend began in 2022 when Cena made his highly anticipated return to WWE SmackDown.

Despite his triumphant comeback, the spotlight immediately shifted to his bald spot, generating mockery and ridicule. Even after WrestleMania 39, where Cena’s loss should have been the main subject of discussion, people chose to emphasize his hair loss instead. This consistent targeting by trolls demonstrates the superficiality of some individuals, who fail to appreciate Cena’s talent and success in favor of fixating on a perceived flaw.

Why Is His Hair Losing?

While the exact reason for Cena’s hair loss remains unknown, there are several factors that could contribute to it, making it a common issue for many individuals.

  • One of the most significant factors that could contribute to hair loss is age.
  • Genetics also plays a crucial role in hair loss. If Cena has a family history of male pattern baldness, then it’s highly likely that he may experience the same.
  • Stress is another potential contributor to hair loss. Cena’s hectic schedule, rigorous training, and constant travel can undoubtedly take a toll on his mental and physical well-being.
  • Diet can also impact hair health. Poor nutrition, particularly a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, can weaken hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

How Has The Public Reacted to His Baldness?

The public’s reaction to John Cena’s baldness has been mixed. While some fans have used his bald spot as an opportunity for humor and jokes, others have shown their unwavering support for the accomplished wrestler.

Social media platforms have become a breeding ground for discussions and negative remarks about Cena’s hair loss, with many acknowledging the bald spot on his head. This public reaction highlights the strong presence and influence of online communities in shaping public opinions toward celebrities and their physical appearances.

What Was John Cena’s Response to The Bald Look?

In 2018, John Cena revealed that he wasn’t comfortable growing his hair for a movie role, as his locks had become thin, and he had developed a receding hairline.

Despite being known for his confidence and larger-than-life persona, Cena admitted to feeling self-conscious about his hair. Yet, he decided to embrace the uncomfortable and rock a new haircut during a wrestling event in Australia. Little did he expect the backlash that awaited him. Cena humorously remarked, “I ruined everyone’s childhood! Man, I’ve been getting a lot of flak for it, it’s crazy! Everybody hates it.”

However, time has a way of changing perspectives. Growing older and growing proud of his appearance, John Cena has chosen to take a stand against the trolls. Despite being regularly targeted for his bald spot, the 16-time world champion has seemingly decided to remain unfazed. He has become a true advocate for self-acceptance and embracing personal imperfections.

John Cena’s Old WWE Hairstyle

john cena bald spot

Fans of John Cena might remember his iconic hairstyle during his early WWE career. Cena sported a buzz cut, which became synonymous with his persona and style.

Did John Cena Have A Hair Transplant?

Despite rumors and speculations, there is no evidence to suggest that John Cena has undergone a hair transplant procedure. While many celebrities select this route to combat hair loss, it seems that Cena has picked to embrace his natural hair growth, whether thinning or not.

Should John Cena Wear A Toupee or A Hairpiece?

The decision to wear a toupee or hairpiece is a personal one, and ultimately, it is up to John Cena to decide if he wants to explore these options. However, judging by his confident attitude and refusal to let the haters get to him, it seems unlikely that he would opt for artificial solutions to his hair loss.

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Why is John Cena growing his hair?

Because he’s been “extremely self-conscious” about his thinning hair.

Was John Cena in the military?

No, John Cena has not served in the military. However, he has shown strong support for the armed forces and is known for his involvement with various military charities and organizations.

What causes baldness?

Baldness, also known as alopecia, can have multiple causes. The most common form is called androgenetic alopecia, which is primarily influenced by genetics and hormones.

Did John Cena retire?

Cena is not officially retired from wrestling

Does John Cena have a wife?

Yes, John Cena got married to Shay Shariatzadeh on October 12, 2020.

Has John Cena ever had facial hair?

Yes, John Cena has sported facial hair at various points in his career. While he was primarily known for his clean-shaven look during his early WWE days, he has experimented with different facial hairstyles over the years.


While the photo of John Cena’s bald spot continues to circulate online, the impact it has had on the WWE superstar is minimal. Rather than succumbing to criticism and ridicule, Cena has decided to maintain his confidence and focus on what truly matters – his passion for wrestling and his positive impact on fans worldwide. Whether or not he is going bald, John Cena’s ability to rise above superficial judgments serves as a powerful reminder that true worth lies in character and accomplishments, not in appearances.

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