Kurt Cobain With Short Hair: 3 Best Looks

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Kurt Cobain, besides his signature long and unkempt hair, his shorter hairstyles showcased a different side of his individuality. In this article, we will display the 3 best looks of Kurt Cobain with short hair, exploring how he effortlessly embraced change and displayed his unique fashion sensibilities throughout his career.

The Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, the late American musician, and songwriter, is known for being the lead vocalist and guitarist of the iconic rock band Nirvana. Throughout his career, Cobain achieved remarkable success with Nirvana. The band released groundbreaking albums such as “Nevermind” and “In Utero,” which propelled them to international fame.

Cobain’s songwriting, raw vocals, and emotional lyrics resonated with millions, making him one of the most influential figures in the history of rock music. He was also known for his unique hairstyle. He popularized the grunge look, characterized by his long, unkempt hair. His signature hairstyle became a defining element of his image and contributed to his status as a cultural icon.

All About Kurt Cobain’s Hair

kurt cobain with short hair

Kurt Cobain’s hair was a significant part of his iconic image. One of his most memorable hairstyles was his long, messy blonde locks, which perfectly embodied his aesthetic. Alongside this, he also sported shoulder-length hair with messy bangs, adding to his effortlessly cool and disheveled look.

During Nirvana’s heyday, Cobain became synonymous with his signature bleach-blonde hair, often styled with dark roots, showcasing his rebellious spirit. While he predominantly stuck to this iconic look, he occasionally dabbled in experimenting with different hair colors, including vibrant shades of red or blue.

Hair Texture

With his naturally wavy hair, he had the perfect foundation for creating his signature messy and tousled hairstyles. The waves added a touch of natural volume and movement to his locks, enhancing the overall disheveled and carefree vibe he exuded.

Hair color and length

Cobain had naturally blonde hair, which he regularly wore long and unkempt. This disheveled look became one of his most recognizable features and contributed to his overall grunge aesthetic. His blonde locks cascaded over his face, partially obscuring his piercing blue eyes and adding to his enigmatic allure.

Iconic Hairstyle

Cobain’s long shoulder-length hair that became synonymous with the grunge metal movement and solidified his status as an icon. This distinctive hairstyle was a medium-length cut with a touch of the shag haircut, parted down the middle, and featured front strands that framed his face like curtain bangs.

In fact, this hairdo could be technically referred to as “curtained shoulder-length hair.” Many emerging grunge musicians were influenced by Cobain’s style and adopted a similar haircut, which is now commonly known as the grunge haircut.

Kurt Cobain with Short Hair

Choppy Bowl Cut

Choppy Bowl Cut

Kurt Cobain with a choppy bowl cut showcased a rebellious and alternative look. The hair was evenly cut around the edges, forming a distinct circular shape that framed his face. This hairstyle added a touch of edginess to Cobain’s appearance, reflecting his punk-inspired persona.

Short Bob Cut

Short Bob Cut

When sporting a short bob cut, Kurt Cobain exuded a more refined and polished aesthetic. The hair was cut to a uniform length, typically reaching just above the shoulders. This style provided Cobain with a sleek and structured look, highlighting his facial features and giving him a more sophisticated image.

Cobain Pixie Cut

Cobain Pixie Cut

The Cobain pixie cut featured shorter hair at the back and sides, while the top retained slightly longer strands. This asymmetrical hairstyle created a sense of texture and movement, adding an element of playfulness to Cobain’s overall look. The pixie cut allowed Cobain to experiment with different styling options, such as spiking the top or sweeping it to one side, further enhancing his distinctive and ever-evolving style.

How to Get Kurt Cobain’s Short Hair?

Kurt Cobain sported a variety of hairdos, and each one is magnificent in its own right. Some of them were shorter than others, but some really showed off his lengthy hair. Buckle up and study the following tutorial if you want to copy Kurt Cobain’s hairstyle.

Method A: Cutting your hair

  1. Start with a haircut that leaves your hair around 1–2 inches long on the top and shorter on the sides and back.
  2. Ask your hairstylist to add layers to your hair to create texture and movement.
  3. Use hairstyling products to enhance the texture and hold of your hair.
  4. Apply a blow-dryer on a low heat setting to dry your hair, while using your fingers to tousle and add volume.
  5. Visit your hairstylist every 4–6 weeks for touch-ups to keep the style looking fresh.

Method B: Wear similar-style men’s hairpieces

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If you’re looking to replicate Kurt Cobain’s short hairstyle, but currently have longer hair, there is a solution that can help you achieve the desired look: men’s hairpieces. These hairpieces are designed to seamlessly blend with your own hair, allowing you to effortlessly transform your appearance and emulate Cobain’s iconic hairstyles.

Men’s hairpieces offer a convenient and accessible option for those who want to experiment with different looks without committing to a permanent haircut. By wearing similar-style hairpieces, you can instantly achieve the signature messy and disheveled aesthetic that Cobain was known for. These hairpieces come in various styles and lengths, allowing you to choose the one that closely resembles your desired Cobain-inspired haircut.

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How much is Kurt Cobain’s hair?

Kurt Cobain’s Hair Sells For Over $14,000.

Why did Kurt Cobain wear baggy clothes?

Because to bulk out his frame.

Did Kurt Cobain bleach his hair?

Yes, he did. He have bleached his hair to appear blonde around 1990.

Was Kurt Cobain Left Handed?

Kurt Cobain was a natural left-hander.


Kurt Cobain’s impact on music and fashion is undeniable, and his ever-evolving hairstyles played a significant role in shaping his image. While his long hair remains an enduring symbol of his rebellious spirit, exploring his shorter hair looks unveils a different facet of his style. From the sleek and polished to the messy and textured, Kurt Cobain proved that he could rock any hairstyle with effortless coolness!

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