Morgan Wallen’s Short, Long, and Other Haircuts

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Morgan Wallen, the acclaimed country singer known for his unique style and music. He has been known to wear his hair in many styles throughout the years. If you want to know Morgan Wallen’s long, short and other haircuts, find in this article!

Morgan Wallen’s Haircuts

Morgan Wallen long hair vs. short hair

In 2014, during his audition on The Voice, he showcased long, straight, blonde locks that added to his youthful charm. As time went on, Morgan decided to switch up his hairstyle and opted for a shorter, spiked hairdo, which he sported at events like the ACM After Party For A Cause in 2017.

In 2017, at the CMT Music Awards, Morgan showed off a clean-cut look with a high and tight hairstyle. However, his hair journey took an interesting turn when he decided to embrace a mullet hairstyle, inspired by his father’s hair from the 1980s. This marked the humble beginnings of his iconic mullet, which started with longer hair in the back and a shorter style on the sides and front. As the mullet grew, it became a defining aspect of Morgan’s image, accompanied by his signature flannel attire. He proudly displayed his mullet during performances, such as at the BMI Rooftop in Nashville in 2018 and at Topgolf in 2019.

Throughout his career, Morgan continued to experiment with his hair, keeping the mullet as his signature style. At the 54th annual CMA Awards in 2020, he showcased long waves in the back and slightly spiked hair in the front, perfectly complementing his music. The following year, in 2021, Morgan decided to trim his mullet, perhaps reflecting the growth of his career and the need for a more polished look. He attended the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with a cleaner and shorter version of his famous mullet.

In the summer of 2022, Morgan decided to change things up again, growing out the previously close-cut sides for a more 70s-inspired look. This alteration in his hairstyle was seen at the 15th Annual Academy Of Country Music Honors in Nashville. However, he couldn’t resist the allure of the mullet, and at the November 2022 CMA Awards, he brought it back, albeit in a slightly toned-down version. The sides were a little longer than before, but the essence of the mullet remained intact.

How to get Morgan Wallen’s classic hairstyle?

To achieve Morgan Wallen’s classic hair, follow these steps:

  1. Grow out your hair to medium length, allowing it to reach past your ears and to the nape of your neck.
  2. Create a center part and use a comb or your fingers to separate the hair evenly on each side.
  3. Trim the ends to maintain a clean and neat appearance.
  4. Use a texturizing product or salt spray to add volume and create a slightly messy look.
  5. Style the hair by tousling it with your hands or using a brush for a more defined shape.
  6. Finish off with a light hairspray to hold the style in place throughout the day.

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Morgan Wallen Long Hairstyle

Morgan Wallen’s long hairstyle, often referred to as a modern mullet, gained significant attention and became his signature look. The modern mullet is a contemporary take on the classic mullet hairstyle, characterized by the combination of shorter sides and a longer, flowing mane at the back.

Morgan’s modern mullet features neatly trimmed sides, allowing the focus to be on the longer hair at the back. The length and texture of his hair create a stylish contrast and give him a distinct appearance. The mullet’s revival in recent years has gained popularity among individuals looking for a unique and edgy hairstyle.

Morgan Wallen Short Hair

Morgan Wallen’s short hairstyle was also highly popular among fans, despite not being as long-lasting as his mullet. He looked perfect with it, giving off a clean and sharp appearance. The sweeped-up, cropped hairstyle was one of his best haircuts, making him look like a polished gentleman. This simple yet attractive hairstyle conveyed a sense of masculinity, especially with the shorter side hair.

Morgan Wallen Hair 2023 

When did Morgan Wallen first sport a short hairstyle?

Morgan Wallen first sported a short hairstyle during his One Night At A Time Tour at Ohio Stadium on August 11. It was during the opening night of his back-to-back performances in Columbus, Ohio, where the “Last Night” singer surprised fans with a shaved head.


What is Morgan Wallen haircut called?

Morgan Wallen’s popular haircut is often referred to as a modern mullet.

Does Morgan Wallen have a wife?

Morgan Wallen is not married.

Did Morgan Wallen age?

Yes, Morgan Wallen has aged. He was born on May 13, 1993.

Does Morgan Wallen have a mustache?

Morgan Wallen has been seen with a mustache on some occasions, but it is not a constant feature of his appearance.


As Morgan Wallen continues to make waves in the music industry, his hair remains a notable aspect of his persona. Whether he keeps it long or decides to switch up his style in the future, there is no doubt that his unique hairstyle has contributed to his overall appeal and image as an artist. With each performance, Wallen’s hair serves as a reminder of his individuality and adds to the magnetism that sets him apart from the rest.

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