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Rose Namajunas is a name that needs no introduction in the world of mixed martial arts now. Known for her explosive fighting style and fearlessness inside the octagon. But there is something else that sets her apart from the rest of the fighters – her hair, or the lack of it. Today, we will talk about Rose Namajunas with hair, how did she look before she went bald, and her career success after shaving her head.

Do You Know Rose Namajunas?

Before we delve into Rose Namajunas with hair, let’s understand who she is. Born on June 29, 1992, in Milwaukee, Rose Namajunas began her martial arts journey as a child. Her parents trained her, and she even won her debut amateur bout at the age of 18. In 2021, she is now a two-time strawweight champion with an impressive professional record of nine wins and four losses.

Rose Namajunas With Hair

Rose Namajunas With Hair

Rose Namajunas used to wear her outlook with hair, which was how she was recognized through the early days of her fighting career. But she later opted for a change in appearance and decided to take off her hair, which came as a shock to many.

In 2015, she took to social media to reveal her new look, which she had carefully considered beforehand. Initially, she had opted for a semi-bald look, but it did not quite suit her fighting career.

Today, Rose Namajunas looks distinctly different from her former self as she has cut off all her hair.

When did Rose Namajunas have long hair?

For most of her life, Rose Namajunas had long hair. However, just days before her bout with Paige Van Zant in December 2015, she made a sudden decision to shave it off.

How did Rose Namajunas look like before she went bald?

Rose Namajunas With Hair

As mentioned, Rose Namajunas had long blonde hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail or a braid. Her hair was straight and silky, and it stood out against her fighting gear. She looked like any other athletic woman with long blonde hair.

Why Did Rose Namajunas Cut Off Her Hair?

Rose Namajunas decided to trade her long hair for a buzz cut, as it was impeding her training.

Prior to her main event fight against Paige VanZant at UFC Fight Night 80 in Las Vegas on December 10, 2015, Namajunas shaved off her hair. She admitted that her decision was influenced by her athletic background, her tomboyish ways growing up, and her lack of knowledge on how to style her hair.

Speaking to the media, Namajunas expressed the emotional significance of her drastic hair change, explaining that it symbolized shedding her past and grappling with the mental and physical challenges of letting go of something so closely intertwined with her identity.

The Career Success After Shaving Her Hair

With her MMA career, Namajunas has achieved phenomenal progress. Prior to shaving her head, she maintained a professional record of 3-2 while sporting long hair.

To our astonishment, after taking the plunge and shaving her head, she accumulated 8 more victories, notably triumphing in one of the largest upsets in MMA history. While it is not solely attributed to her haircut, it is evident that her new look has made a positive impact on her overall performance.

Is Rose Namajunas Still Bald?

Even though it’s been years since Rose shaved her head, she still keeps it bald. It has now become her trademark look, and she rocks it with confidence in every fight.

Rose Namajunas Can Wear A Wig When Not Fighting

While cutting off her hair might have been a fashion statement, it may have long-term repercussions on the fighter’s hair health. Her hair might be thinning out, breaking off, and may not be growing as fast. Wearing a wig during her off-fighting days might be a potential solution to cover up any bald spots or other hair loss symptoms she may have, while also allowing her hair to heal.

Wearing a wig would not only help in covering her hair loss, but also allow her to experiment with different hairstyles without affecting her natural hair. She can choose from a wide range of high-quality wigs available in different styles, lengths, and colors to suit her preferences.

In the long run, we suggest Rose Namajunas consider wearing a wig during her off-fighting days to overcome her hair loss issues. This will give her a chance to rest and rejuvenate her natural hair, while still looking fashionable and stylish.

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Why did Rose Namajunas buzz her hair?

According to interviews, Rose Namajunas cut off her hair as a way of “letting go.” She explained that she had been carrying around a lot of emotional baggage and cutting her hair was a cathartic release for her.

Why do fighters have short hair?

Fighters need to have short hair because long hair can be a disadvantage in a fight. Long hair can get in the way during grappling, takedowns, and striking. Additionally, long hair can be used as a handle by an opponent, which can put a fighter at a disadvantage.

Where is Rose Namajunas’s ethnicity?

Rose Namajunas is of Lithuanian and Puerto Rican descent.

What is the UFC Women’s Strawweight weight?

The UFC Women’s Strawweight weight category is 115 pounds.

What nationality is Rose Namajunas?

Rose Namajunas is an American of Lithuanian and Puerto Rican descent.

Who is Rose Namajunas’s boyfriend?

Rose Namajunas’s boyfriend is Pat Barry, who is a retired American kickboxer and professional mixed martial artist.


Rose Namajunas made a bold decision to shave her head for UFC fighting, and it became her signature look. Whether she chooses to wear a wig or not, her bald look has made her an icon in the world of mixed martial arts. She is an inspiration to many young girls and women who look up to her grace, strength, and courage.

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