Scandi Hairline: What Is It, How to Get and Tips to Maintain

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If you think your summer blonde isn’t bright enough, why not to try the Scandi Hairline? The “Scandi Hairline” is this summer’s most flattering hair trend. In this article, you will know about what is Scandi Hairline, how to get It, and the upkeep.

What Is a Scandi Hairline?

Scandi hairline

The term “Scandi hairline” is a shortened version of “Scandinavian hairline.” It refers to a specific hairline appearance and the accompanying baby hairs that tend to develop during the summer months in individuals with natural blonde hair. This unique hairline is characterized by its brilliance and the subtle, delicate hairs that frame the face.

Essentially, the Scandi hairline technique involves a freehand method of hair processing that focuses on lightening the edges of the hair, resulting in a brightened complexion.

What’s the Scandi Hairline Technique?

The Scandi hairline technique is a unique bleaching method that adds a vibrant touch of color around the hairline. While you may have experienced face-framing highlights in the past, this technique takes it to a whole new level.

The main focus of the Scandi hairline technique is to lighten and enhance the hair surrounding your face, including the delicate baby hairs, using a combination of face-framing highlights and freehand painting.

This method produces a color that beautifully mimics the sun-kissed radiance achieved during a long and rejuvenating vacation. By softening the edges of your hairline, this technique imparts an overall brighter and more refreshed look.

The process begins by highlighting, balayaging, or coloring your hair as usual, allowing it to develop. Just a few minutes before rinsing, bleach is carefully applied to the baby hairs surrounding your face, creating an instant burst of color that acts as a brightening effect.

The best part is that maintenance is effortless and suitable for nearly all hair colors. As long as your stylist stays within a shade or two of your natural hue, the regrowth process will be seamless and reminiscent of a carefree summer breeze.

Why ‘Scandi Hairline’ Color Is This Summer’s Biggest Hair Trend?

“Scandi Hairline” color is the biggest hair trend this summer, and there are good reasons why. It offers a cost-effective option with minimal damage, as only the baby hairs receive the bleach. This makes it perfect for adding a pop of blonde without compromising the majority of your hair.

Moreover, this trend aligns with the soft-girl era of hair color. People are gravitating towards softer shades, smoother blends, and natural tones for a more authentic look. It imitates the sun-kissed effect on hair, requiring less maintenance and reducing the need for frequent full highlights. By incorporating the “Scandi Hairline” color in between highlight appointments, it creates the illusion of a fully highlighted head of hair.

Who Suits the Scandi Hairline?

The Scandi hairline style is best suited for those with straight, fair hair. It works well on natural level 6 or lighter hair, which includes shades like dirty blond. Brunettes can still lighten the hair framing their face, but the results won’t be as pale blond as the typical Scandi hairline.

It’s also ideal for those who prefer a simple look. It complements oval, heart, or square-shaped faces by softening and enhancing their features. In short, it can be adapted for various face shapes and hair types.

While initially popular among blondes with highlights, the Scandi hairline can be customized for different hair colors and skin tones. Brunettes can add dimension with lighter brown face-framing pieces, while redheads can enhance their beauty with strawberry blonde hues. Darker-haired individuals can opt for caramel or chocolate tones to achieve a natural sun-kissed effect.

Celebrities like Sofia Richie, Millie Bobby Brown, Maddie Ziegler, and Scandinavian influencer Matilda Djerf have embraced the Scandi hairline trend.

How to Get the Scandi hairline?

Set a salon appointment

To achieve the Scandi hairline, simply asking for it at the salon might not be enough. It’s important to show your stylist some examples of the look you desire, especially if they’re not familiar with social media trends. Don’t be discouraged if they explain that the final result may differ from the reference photo.

While the Scandi hairline is particularly suited for blondes, those with brown or darker hair can still give it a try by selecting a lighter shade that closely matches the intensity of their tresses.

The technique itself is relatively easy. It involves selectively lightening the baby hairs and the hairline along the forehead. Using a fine comb, your hairstylist will delicately lift and dye the finer hairs on your hairline. Typically, the lifting shade will be a couple of tones lighter than your natural hair color. This softens the roots and creates a subtle contrast between layers. The result is a brighter hairstyle and a luminous effect that enhances your overall facial appearance.

To elevate your hair game and further enhance the Scandi hairline, consider adding hair extensions from This can help bring a touch of light to the rest of your tresses while maintaining harmony with your chosen hairline look.

Wear the toupee with this haircut

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When you visit, you’ll find a range of options to create your ideal Scandi hairline toupee. We provide a variety of hair colors, lengths, and textures to select from, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your desired style.

The customization process allows you to select the hair color that best suits your natural shade or desired look. Whether you prefer a classic blond or a darker tone, can accommodate your needs. Additionally, they offer various hair lengths, allowing you to achieve the exact length you desire for your Scandi hairline toupee.

Texture is another important aspect of customization. offers different hair textures, such as straight, wavy, or curly, ensuring that you can achieve the desired Scandi hairline style that suits your unique personality and preferences.

All in all, if you’re interested in a Scandi hairline toupee, provides the opportunity to customize your toupee according to your hair color, length, and texture preferences. Our expertise in hair systems ensures a natural and personalized look that suits your individual style.

Is the Scandi Hairline Easy to Maintain?

Maintaining the Scandi hairline look is similar to any hair color; it will naturally grow out over time. To prolong the bright hairline, using color-protecting and toning products can help keep the results fresh for longer.

At home, opt for shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for lightened or color-treated hair. This will help preserve the platinum glow of your Scandi hairline. If you enjoy styling your hair, it may be necessary to take a break while sporting the Scandi hairline to maintain its appearance.

To ensure your Scandi Hairline stays vibrant, regular touch-ups are recommended approximately every 12 weeks. This helps maintain the desired look and keeps your hairline looking fresh and well-maintained.


What is the Scandi hairline?

It’s a freehand hair processing method that brightens your complexion by lightening only the edges of your hair.

What is the difference between a Scandi hairline and a money piece?

While ‘money piece’ face-framing highlights usually focus on the two front sections of hair on the top of the head, the Scandi hairline sees the color applied to the baby hairs all around the face, giving an instantly brightened look.

How does a Scandi hairline grow out?

The Scandi hairline look will grow out naturally just like any hair color, so of course you will only be able to maintain that super bright hairline for a certain amount of time.

What is with hairline trend?

A dyeing technique that lightens the wispy, fine strands that frame your face.


The Scandi Hairline has become a sought-after trend for those looking to achieve a natural and effortlessly stylish look. By embracing a soft and gradual hairline, this style offers a fresh and modern twist to traditional hairlines. Whether you have receding hairlines or simply desire a softer edge, the Scandi Hairline can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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