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Sherri Shepherd, the famous American comedian, actress, and television personality, is known for her sense of humor and outspoken personality. However, one of the most talked-about things about her is her hair. Sherri is seen wearing different hairstyles and wigs that add versatility to her looks. From here, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Sherri Shepherd wigs.

Who is Sherri Shepherd?

Sherri Shepherd'S Wig

Sherri Shepherd is a talented actress, comedian, and television personality known for her work on various TV shows such as “The View”, “30 Rock”, and “How I Met Your Mother”. She has also appeared in films like “Precious” and “Beauty Shop”. Shepherd is known for her contagious personality and quick wit, which have made her a fan favorite on many talk shows.

As for her net worth, it is estimated to be around $10 million. She has several sources of income, including her TV and film work as well as her ventures in hosting, writing, and producing.

As for her hair, she has rocked various hairstyles over the years, from long curls to short pixie cuts. She is known for her signature blonde hair, which is often styled in a sleek, straight look.

Overall, Sherri Shepherd is a highly successful and accomplished entertainer who has made a significant impact in the industry.

Sherri Shepherd’s Wig Falls Off on Her Live TV Show

2 weeks ago, Sherri Shepherd’s wig fell off while she was co-hosting “The View” with Whoopi Goldberg. The incident happened in front of a live studio audience, and Sherri handled it gracefully by joking about it. This incident became a topic of conversation on social media, and many people found it amusing.

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What’s Sherri Shepherd’s Current Wig Style?

Sherri Shepherd is known for her love for hairstyles and wigs. Her latest hairstyle is a black bob short hair. The wig is a middle-parted straight short hairstyle. Check her latest TV show, we see her current hairstyle like this.

Sherri Shepherd wig

Does Sherri Shepherd Wear Wigs For Baldness?

No, Sherri Shepherd is not bald. She wears wigs, hair toppers, and hair extensions to cover up her thinning hair. She has been open about her hair loss struggles and encourages others facing similar issues to embrace their unique beauty.

Why Does Sherri Shepherd Wear A Wig?

Sherri Shepherd'S Wig

Sherri Shepherd has shared in interviews that she wears a wig because of her thinning hair. She has struggled with hair loss due to health issues and genetics. Wearing a wig helps her feel more confident and helps her experiment with different hairstyles.

Sherri Shepherd Wigs: What Are The Different Styles?

Some popular wig styles that Sherri Shepherd has worn throughout her career are them:

  1. Curly Bob- A bold and playful wig style with defined curls framing the face in a bob cut
  2. Short Pixie Cut- A daring and edgy wig style with short, choppy layers to create a spiky pixie cut
  3. Long Waves- A glam and elegant wig style with long, flowing waves that cascade down the back
  4. Straight Shoulder-length Bob- A classic and sophisticated wig style with a sleek, straight bob that falls at the shoulders
  5. High Puff Ponytail- A fun and sassy wig style with a voluminous puff at the crown that leads into a sleek ponytail
  6. Side-swept Bangs- A chic and versatile wig style with side-swept bangs that can be worn with any length or texture
  7. Braided Updo- A stylish and intricate wig style with braids woven into a beautiful updo
  8. Afro Puffs- A bold and empowering wig style with two voluminous afro puffs on either side of the head
  9. Shoulder-length Curls- A romantic and flirty wig style with bouncy curls that fall at shoulder-length
  10. Layered Bob- A trendy and modern wig style with choppy layers and a bob cut for a youthful, fresh look.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs for Women

Wearing hair toppers, wigs, and hair extensions is popular among women who want to experiment with different hairstyles and cover up hair loss. Here are some pros and cons of wearing hair toppers for women.


  • Versatility in hairstyles
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Camouflages hair loss or thinning hair
  • Quick and easy to style


  • Expensive
  • Requires maintenance and care
  • May cause discomfort and itching
  • May damage natural hair

Sherri Shepherd: Where Can You Buy Her Same Style Wig?

Buy Sherri Shepherd Wigs

If you want to recreate Sherri Shepherd’s wig style, you can buy similar wigs from various online retailers. Here, I will recommend our store

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Purchase or Customize Sherri Shepherd’s Wigs in Rehairsystem

Custom Sherri Shepherd Wigs

Rehairsystem offers customization services for any Sherri Shepherd’s wig. This means that customers can have their wig tailored to their personal preferences and needs. The customization process includes a consultation with one of our experienced wig technicians who will assist customers in selecting the best wig style, hair type, and color that will complement their skin tone and facial features.

To customize Sherri Shepherd’s wig, customers will need to:

  1. Schedule a consultation with one of our wig technicians.
  2. Select a desired wig style, hair type, and color.
  3. Provide the necessary measurements for the wig, including head circumference, temple-to-temple, and nape measurements.
  4. Choose any additional features, such as highlights, bangs, layers, and curl patterns.
  5. Wait for the wig to be customized according to the customer’s specifications.

Once the wig customization process is complete, customers can expect to receive a quality wig that is tailored to their unique style, preferences, and head size. At Rehairsystem, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality wigs that are created with care and attention to detail.


What is the most natural wig in the world?

The concept of a “most natural wig” can be subjective as it depends on personal preferences and needs. However, some wigs are made with materials that mimic actual human hair, such as high-quality synthetic hair, human hair, or a blend of both.

Which female celebrities wear wigs?

Many female celebrities wear wigs to switch up their looks for movie roles or red carpet events. Some examples include Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian.

How do celebrities keep their wigs on?

Celebrities use various methods to keep their wigs on securely, including wig clips, combs, and adhesive tapes or glues. Some opt for a more permanent solution, such as wig bonding, which involves attaching the wig to their scalp with a medical-grade adhesive.

Do female wigs look real?

With advancements in wig-making technology, modern wigs can look incredibly realistic and natural, especially if they’re made with high-quality materials and are properly styled to match the wearer’s face and natural hair. However, the degree of realism can vary depending on the price, manufacturer, and quality of the wig.


In conclusion, Sherri Shepherd’s wig mishap is just a reminder that celebrities are human too and they too have bad hair days. However, with a great hair topper like the one she was wearing, one can easily cover up those bad hair days and look fabulous all the time. So if you want to try out this fantastic hair topper that Sherri Shepherd wore, then don’t hesitate to get your own at a great price that’s available at Rehairsystem. You won’t regret it!

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