With Hair to Bald: Anthony Carrigan’s Inspiring Alopecia Journey

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One Acotor who has not only embraced his hair loss but has also become an inspiration to many is Anthony Carrigan. Known for his roles in popular television shows and movies, Carrigan’s journey from having hair to embracing his baldness has captivated audiences worldwide. So, we will explore Anthony Carrigan’s inspiring alopecia journey, highlighting the challenges he faced, and the impact on his career.

Meet Anthony Carrigan

Anthony Carrigan with hair

Anthony Carrigan is a highly acclaimed actor known for his versatile performances. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Carrigan discovered his passion for acting at a young age. He embarked on his acting journey, honing his skills and eventually making his mark in the entertainment industry.

Carrigan’s career boasts an impressive portfolio, including notable roles in popular television shows and movies. From his memorable portrayal of Victor Zsasz in “Gotham” to his captivating performance as NoHo Hank in “Barry,” Carrigan’s talent and versatility have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Before embracing his iconic bald look, Anthony Carrigan sported a head of hair that added a unique charm to his on-screen presence. His luscious locks complemented his versatile acting abilities, allowing him to transform into various characters with ease. While Carrigan’s hair may have played a role in his early career, it is his exceptional talent and dedication that have propelled him to success.

Did Ever Anthony Carrigan Have Hair?

Yes, Anthony Carrigan did have hair earlier in his career. Before embracing his bald look, he sported a distinct hairstyle that added to his unique appeal. While his hair may have played a role in shaping his early on-screen presence, it is his exceptional talent and versatility that have propelled him to become the celebrated actor he is today.

The Photos of Anthony Carrigan with Hair

Anthony Carrigan with hair

Throughout his career, Anthony Carrigan’s transition from having hair to embracing his baldness has been a topic of intrigue. Although his iconic bald look has become his signature, there are rare glimpses of Carrigan with hair that showcase his transformation. The photos capture a different side of Carrigan’s journey.

Has Ever Anthony Carrigan Wear Wigs?

Yes! Despite his desire to keep it a secret, Anthony Carrigan did resort to various methods to conceal his hair loss throughout his youth. During his high school and college years, he relied on makeup and wigs as effective cover-ups. Even in his 20s, only a select few of his closest friends were aware of his struggle with alopecia areata. Determined not to let it hinder his career prospects, Carrigan went to great lengths to disguise his hair loss.

Why Is Anthony Carrigan Losing Hair?

Because of Alopecia!

Alopecia refers to any form of hair loss, hair thinning, or balding anywhere in the body. There are a variety of causes which can lead to alopecia, ranging from genetics and aging to diseases and medication.

The most common form of alopecia is Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness, which affects about 50% of men and women aged over 50. There’s also Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disorder that often results in unpredictable, patchy hair loss. 

He is the Alopecia sufferer

Carrigan is recognized for his standout portrayal of NoHo Hank on HBO’s “Barry,” a role that has garnered him acclaim. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, he opened up about his upbringing in Massachusetts and his personal journey with alopecia.

Carrigan revealed that he was diagnosed with alopecia at a tender age when he started experiencing patchy hair loss. Initially, the hair loss was relatively small and easy to conceal, but despite this, he couldn’t escape feeling deeply embarrassed about his condition.

How long has he had alopecia?

Carrigan has been battling alopecia areata since the tender age of three. This autoimmune condition, characterized by hair loss, has been a constant companion throughout his life. From his early childhood years to his adulthood, Carrigan has faced the challenges and uncertainties that come with alopecia.

How to save male alopecia?

Treatment for alopecia depends on the cause of the hair loss and may include dietary changes, medication, surgery, wigs, or hairpieces.

  • Topical Treatments: Products such as minoxidil and finasteride have been widely used to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth. These treatments work by stimulating hair follicles and preventing further thinning. 
  • Surgical Hair Restoration: Procedures like hair transplantation have gained popularity in recent years. This surgical technique involves transplanting hair follicles from donor areas to areas experiencing hair loss. 
  • Hair Replacement Systems: A non-invasive and versatile solution, hair replacement systems offer an immediate and natural-looking way to address alopecia. These systems, including hairpieces and toupees, are meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with existing hair, providing a full head of hair and boosting self-confidence. 

Among the various methods available to combat alopecia, wearing a hair system has emerged as one of the best ways to restore a full head of hair and regain confidence. It is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure a natural look and comfortable fit.

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Anthony Carrigan’s Alopecia and His Acting Career

He was told to quit acting due to alopecia

In 2022, Carrigan candidly revealed that he had been told by a “number of people” that he would no longer be able to secure acting gigs due to his alopecia-related hair loss. These hurtful remarks, questioning his attractiveness and potential for booking roles, struck a deep chord within the 39-year-old actor. But with unwavering resolve, Carrigan embarked on a journey to pursue the roles that truly resonated with him. 

In fact, Anthony Carrigan becomes a better actor

Anthony Carrigan’s journey with alopecia has transformed him into a better actor. He describes the moment of adversity as a catalyst that stripped away his fear and left him with a burning passion to pursue his craft regardless of his condition. The experience of living with alopecia has sharpened his acting skills, as he now embraces and leans into his uniqueness.

Carrigan attributes his growth as an actor to his own self-acceptance, no longer hiding behind wigs or makeup or projecting false confidence. Instead, he has developed genuine confidence, which has elevated his performances and made him the actor he is today.

Anthony Carrigan’s effort to live with Alopecia

He shaved his head and embraced his body issue

Hollywood actor Anthony Carrigan has embraced his body issue with unwavering confidence. Despite the pressure from others to conceal his alopecia, Carrigan reached a point where he no longer cared about conforming to societal expectations. Seeking to find peace with his appearance, he made the bold decision to shave his head and stop wearing makeup.

He emphasizes that true self-worth is not tied to physical appearance but rather to the authentic expression of one’s inner self. Carrigan’s newfound perspective has led him to a place where he no longer cares about the judgments of closed-minded individuals and even considers alopecia to be a beautiful aspect of his identity.

Moreover, encounters with people from his past, like a former classmate who apologized for past teasing, serve as a testament to Carrigan’s journey of self-acceptance and his ability to let go of bitterness.

He filmed alopecia acceptance videos to help others

The talented star of the hit series ‘Barry,’ goes above and beyond to support and inspire others facing alopecia.

Not only does he openly share his personal experiences through various online platforms and interviews, but he has also taken the initiative to film alopecia acceptance videos, aiming to provide solace and guidance to individuals in similar situations.

In 2015, Carrigan collaborated with fellow actor Jannica Olin, who also lives with alopecia, to create a short film titled ‘#BeYou.’ In this heartfelt production, the two actors candidly discuss their individual journeys of losing body and scalp hair at different times.

By sharing their stories and offering a compassionate perspective, Carrigan and Olin aim to empower others, fostering a sense of acceptance and self-love within the alopecia community.

He works with the US Children’s Alopecia charity

Furthermore, Anthony Carrigan, actively collaborates with the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP), a US-based organization dedicated to supporting children and their families affected by alopecia. CAP specifically targets children and aims to raise awareness while fostering self-esteem among those impacted by the condition.

Carrigan demonstrates a genuine passion for this cause, as he recognizes the importance of providing support to young individuals dealing with alopecia and promoting their well-being.

Latest News: Superman Legacy Casts Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho

Anthony Carrigan with hair

Exciting news has emerged as Anthony Carrigan has been cast as Metamorpho in the upcoming Superman Legacy project. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news, highlighting Carrigan’s previous experience in the world of DC Comics. The announcement garnered attention and enthusiasm from fans and industry professionals alike, including director James Gunn, who expressed his excitement on Twitter, stating, “I am unbelievably excited for Metamorpho and this opportunity to work with Anthony Carrigan.”


Carrigan’s journey reminds us that our physical appearance does not define us. It is our character, talent, and inner strength that truly matter. By sharing his story, he has not only raised awareness about alopecia but also encouraged others to embrace their unique qualities and love themselves unconditionally.

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