The Real Story of Andre Agassi’s Hair Piece

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The story of Andre Agassi’s hairpiece has become a fascinating topic for many. Here, we will delve into the truth behind Agassi’s iconic hairstyle and reveal the surprising secrets he hid beneath those luscious locks. From his reasons for wearing a wig to the impact it had on his career, we will unveil the real story of Andre Agassi’s hairpiece.

About Andre Agassi

Born on April 29, 1970, Andre Agassi is a tennis legend who gained fame not only for his remarkable skills on the court but also for his unique lion mane-style hairstyle. Agassi’s flamboyant appearance matched his powerful playing style, making him a fan favorite throughout his career.

Andre Agassi’s Classic Hairstyle: The Lion Mane-style

andre agassi hair piece

Agassi’s lion mane-style hairstyle became his trademark. With his long, flowing locks, he captivated audiences and stood out from the crowd. It became synonymous with his rebellious and free-spirited personality, becoming a symbol of his individuality both on and off the tennis court.

The lion mane-style was characterized by Agassi’s voluminous, long, and often wild hair, which stood out prominently as he played intense matches on the tennis court. The style featured a mullet-like shape with shorter hair on the sides and back, while the top boasted an abundance of longer, curly or wavy locks that cascaded down. It exuded a sense of wildness and rebellion, perfectly reflecting Agassi’s rebellious image and his fierce competitive spirit.

The lion mane-style also had a profound impact on the world of tennis fashion. Agassi’s hair became a topic of discussion and fascination, leading other players and fans to experiment with their own hairstyles. It even sparked a trend in streetwear, as people began to replicate Agassi’s look off the court.

His Hair Was Fake, He Actually Wore a Wig!

In a shocking revelation, former tennis star Andre Agassi has recently confessed that his iconic lion mane-style hairstyle from the 1990s was not his real hair, but a wig. Extracts from his autobiography published in British newspapers have disclosed this surprising secret.

Agassi further divulged that even during his first Grand Slam final, the 1990 French Open final, he wore a hairpiece secured with pins. This revelation sheds light on the tremendous efforts and meticulous grooming that went into maintaining his famous hair, proving that his hair was indeed fake and that he relied on wigs to achieve his signature look.

Why Did Andre Agassi Wear a Hairpiece?

Andre Agassi wore a hairpiece to cover up his baldness, which began when he was only 19 years old. The former world number one tennis player was not comfortable with his hair loss and decided to come up with a solution.

Agassi opted for a lion mane-style wig during the 1990s, which he used to disguise his baldness. In his autobiography, Agassi mentioned that he found pieces of his identity falling out every morning. Despite the unconventional choice, he decided to wear the hairpiece on the tennis court, as he felt it was the only option available to him at the time.

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When Did Andre Agassi Starter Wear a Wig?

Andre Agassi started wearing a wig during the early 90s as he aimed to maintain his heartthrob image. Despite his concerns about the wig coming off while playing on the tennis court, Agassi persevered and fought hard to keep his hairpiece in place.

What Kind of Hairpiece Did Andre Agassi Wear? 

The specific hairpiece that Andre Agassi wore was a mullet wig. The mullet style perfectly matched Agassi’s iconic lion mane hairstyle, allowing him to continue sporting his recognizable look without anyone suspecting the truth beneath.

Did Andre Agassi Lose His French Open Because of His Wig?

Andre Agassi’s admission that he wore a wig during the 1990 French Open final has sparked speculation about whether it ultimately cost him the match. Agassi recalled the night before the final when his wig unexpectedly fell apart while he was in the shower. Panicking, he called his brother for help, and they managed to secure the wig with 20 hair clips.

Despite the possibility of playing without the hairpiece, Agassi feared the scrutiny and judgment of the journalists if they discovered his secret. Throughout the match, he constantly worried about his wig falling off, even praying for its stability during warm-up. While it cannot be definitively concluded that the wig directly caused his loss, Agassi’s preoccupation with it may have affected his focus and performance on the court.

What’s Andre Agassi Current Haircut?

andre agassi hair piece

Andre Agassi’s current haircut is bald. In 1999, the tennis legend made the bold decision to shave off all his remaining hair, a look that he had been hiding for years. Despite his initial hesitations, it was his then-wife, actress Brooke Shields, who convinced him to embrace his natural look.

Agassi’s decision paid off, as he went on to win multiple prestigious tournaments like the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open. This significant transformation not only showcased his confidence but also symbolized a break from the agonies, hypocrisy, and lies that he had experienced throughout his career.

What Does Andre Agassi’s Hair Mean to Him?

Andre Agassi’s hair held great significance to him, as it was intricately tied to his image and the way people perceived him. In an interview on The Today Show, he revealed that his hair played such a vital role in his self-identity that losing it became a source of emotional turmoil.

He witnessed his brother go through a similar experience, where hair loss had a profound impact on him, which further emphasized the importance of hair in Agassi’s life. The connection between his hair and public opinion created a sense of discomfort within himself, as he struggled to truly know and accept who he was.

Agassi eventually realized that letting go of his remaining hair was necessary for him to shed the societal pressures, hypocritical standards, and falsehoods associated with his previous image.

What Andre Agassi Taught Us About Hair?

When It starts to thin, cut It short

Agassi demonstrated that there is beauty in embracing change. Rather than desperately clinging to thinning hair, he made the bold choice to cut it short and let go of his iconic style. This teaches us that adapting to change can lead to personal growth and self-acceptance.

Embrace the bald

Agassi’s decision to embrace his baldness showed us that there is strength in accepting oneself as we are, rather than trying to hide behind artificial appearances. It encouraged others to embrace their natural selves, free from societal pressures.

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Is Andre Agassi’s hair a wig?

Yes, Andre Agassi’s hair was a wig. In his autobiography “Open,” published in 2009, Agassi revealed that he had been wearing a hairpiece during a significant portion of his tennis career.

Why did Andre Agassi wear a headband?

He mentioned in his autobiography that he initially started wearing a headband to keep his long hair out of his face while playing.

Why did Agassi lose hair?

Andre Agassi began losing his hair in his early twenties due to a condition called androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness.

What year did Andre Agassi start wearing a wig?

Agassi started wearing his hairpiece, which became commonly referred to as a wig, in the early 1990s.


Andre Agassi’s journey with his hairpiece is a testament to the lengths individuals will go to maintain their desired image. From his lion mane style to embracing his natural baldness, Agassi’s story teaches us the importance of self-acceptance and embracing change.

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