What’s Wrong With Morgan Wallen’s Hair? His Mullet Gets Ditched

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As Morgan Wallen enters the stage for his continuing “One Night At A Time World Tour,” the Internet is ablaze with his new haircut. The artist changes his hairstyle just as his mullet admirers are growing accustomed to it. The bald look of Wallen has not gotten a lot of good feedback from fans.

The Country Star Morgan Wallen

Country star Morgan Wallen is currently engrossed in his One Night At A Time World Tour, which he announced in December 2022. Starting on March 15, 2023, the tour kicked off with performances in New Zealand and Australia before making its way to the United States.

Despite suggestions to take a break, Wallen’s passion for music drove him to continue writing and creating new songs. The ongoing tour is set to conclude on October 7 of this year. Throughout his career, Wallen has released three albums, four EPs, and a total of 13 singles.

Before pursuing music, Wallen’s heart was set on baseball, where he excelled as a pitcher at Gibbs High School in Tennessee. After suffering an elbow injury in his senior year, he decided to focus on music instead, joining other well-known graduates from his school including Kenny Chesney, Trevor Bayne, and Ashley Monroe.

What’s Wrong With Morgan Wallen’s Hair?

morgan wallen hair

Last week in the music industry, an exciting change occurred with Morgan Wallen’s hair. Opting for a fresh start, the renowned singer surprised everyone by shaving his head. During his performance in Columbus, Ohio on Friday night, Wallen showcased his new look, completely removing not only his signature mullet but also his facial hair. He now appears almost unrecognizable, although his unmistakable voice remains intact.

He shaves off the iconic mullet and mustache

In a surprising turn of events, Morgan Wallen bid farewell to his iconic mullet and mustache, leaving fans in awe. The singer’s charismatic persona took a new direction as he unveiled a cleanly shaved head during a recent performance.

The Schottenstein Center’s official Instagram account shared compelling video footage, capturing Wallen’s striking hair metamorphosis. Concealed beneath a baseball cap, the artist unveiled a buzzcut that starkly contrasted with his well-known mullet. Now, Wallen seems to be patiently waiting for his hair to grow as he contemplates his next hairstyle choice.

Why does he cut his long hair?

In fan-captured footage shared on TikTok, Wallen interrupted the show to explain his choice, stating that he no longer liked his long hair and decided to shave it off. The crowd’s response was mixed, with a combination of cheers and boos. For years, Wallen had been recognized for his mullet hairstyle, but now he has officially bid farewell to the mullet.

Wallen was still sporting his mullet in a press release photo from the day before that announced his collaboration with Major League Baseball, so it’s unclear exactly when he underwent the transition. Whatever the case, Wallen appears to have adopted a new buzzcut style, suggesting a change from his prior famous appearance.

The Story of Morgan Wallen’s Mullet Hair

In an interview with People in October 2019, Morgan Wallen revealed the tale of how his signature mullet hairdo came to be. He said that he’d had the mullet for almost a year at that point and that he wanted to keep it. Wallen made the decision to give the mullet a go after being inspired by his father, who wore one at the same age. He spotted images of his father sporting a mullet during his wedding while visiting his parents and browsing through old photo albums, and he said to himself, “If Dad could do it, I will do it.”

Wallen’s record label and management team were at first unenthusiastic about his mullet, but with time they came to accept it as an integral part of his brand. Wallen found it fascinating and surprised that people would turn up to his shows with short flannels and mullets as a result of his hairstyle’s unexpected success. While he was unsure of how long he would keep the hairstyle, he stated how much fun he was having with it.

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The Hair Evolution of Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s hair evolution has been an intriguing journey for his fans. Before he embraced the mullet, Wallen rocked a shorter hairstyle that was beloved by many. Although his short hair garnered attention and admiration, it was his decision to switch things up with a mullet that truly made waves. The mullet quickly became one of his most iconic hairstyles, gaining widespread popularity among his fanbase.

Despite his ventures into different styles, it is undeniable that the mullet has left a lasting impression on both fans and the wider public, solidifying its status as one of Wallen’s most memorable and popular hair choices!

Morgan Wallen’s New Haircut: A Bald Look

morgan wallen hair

Country star Morgan Wallen debuted a bold new look as he stepped out with a completely shaved head and upper lip, which he covered with a vibrant red baseball cap. However, not all of his fans were thrilled with his decision, with one concertgoer expressing disappointment over the loss of Wallen’s iconic mullet hairstyle.

Despite the mixed reactions, Wallen has yet to share a photo of his new bald look on Instagram. This transformation comes after Wallen faced vocal fold trauma earlier this year, causing him to delay his One Night at a Time Tour. However, after receiving medical clearance in June, Wallen happily announced his return to the stage, ready to entertain his fans once again.

How do fans react to his shaved head?

Fans had a mixed response to Morgan Wallen’s decision to shave his head, but the majority of reactions were positive about the change. In a video shared by the venue, one fan expressed their confidence in Wallen’s ability to pull off any look, stating, “I think he can rock anything.” However, some fans expressed nostalgia for his previous mullet hairstyle, with one person wishing he had kept it for a little longer.

On social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), users shared their thoughts, with one fan needing time to process the change and another expressing heartbreak at the loss of the mullet. Nonetheless, there were also fans who found Wallen’s fresh cut appealing and assured him that he remained sexy. In response to the fans’ reaction, Wallen jokingly acknowledged the assumption that he would be clean-shaven indefinitely.

Guide to Replicate the Morgan Wallen’s Hair

If you’re looking to replicate Morgan Wallen’s iconic mullet, follow this guide:

  1. Grow out your hair: Start by allowing your hair to grow out to a medium to long length. Morgan Wallen’s signature look was characterized by a mullet, which featured shorter hair on the top and sides, with longer hair at the back.
  2. Get the right cut: Once your hair has reached the desired length, visit a professional hairstylist who can help you achieve the specific cut.
  3. Maintain the length: To maintain the mullet style, regularly trim the top and sides to keep them shorter, while allowing the back to continue growing out.
  4. Texture and styling: To achieve Wallen’s textured and slightly messy look, use a texturizing product such as sea salt spray or styling wax.
  5. Embrace the ruggedness: Morgan Wallen’s hairstyle often had a rugged and effortless vibe. Allow your hair to have some natural movement and tousled texture.

If you’re not sure whether is Morgan Wallen’s hair suitable, you can try toupees!

morgan wallen hair

Maybe you admire Morgan Wallen’s mullet hairstyle but aren’t quite ready to commit to a haircut, there’s still hope. One way to achieve this is by using a toupee or hairpiece that mimics his distinct mullet style.

The advantages of wearing toupees:

  1. Firstly, it provides an instant transformation, allowing you to sport the desired hairstyle without waiting for your hair to grow out.
  2. With a toupee, you can effortlessly achieve the same aesthetic as Wallen, regardless of your natural hair type or texture.
  3. Another advantage of wearing a toupee is the ability to experiment with different styles and looks. If you’re not sure whether the mullet suits you, trying it out with a toupee allows you to test the waters before committing to a permanent change.
  4. Additionally, toupees come in various colors and lengths, giving you the flexibility to customize the mullet according to your preferences and face shape.

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Did Morgan Wallen get a perm?

He said he at least wanted a perm on social media, but the specifics are unclear.

What kind of mullet does Morgan Wallen have?

Morgan Wallen is known for sporting a modern variation of the classic mullet hairstyle, which features short hair on the sides and longer hair in the back.

Why did Morgan Wallen shave all his hair off?

He felt that he didn’t like his long hair anymore and chose to shave it off.

What is Morgan Wallen’s real name?

Morgan Wallen’s real name is Morgan Cole Wallen.

How old is Morgan Wallen?

Morgan Wallen is 30 years old.


While it may come as a surprise to many fans, Morgan Wallen’s decision to ditch his beloved mullet seems to symbolize a new chapter in his life and career. As he continues to grow as an artist, Wallen is unafraid to experiment with his appearance, embracing change and evolution. Morgan Wallen is ready to leave his mullet days behind and embark on a fresh journey, both musically and personally.

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