Why Did Howie Mandel Wear A Toupee and Was He Always Bald?

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Howie Mandel, the Canadian comedian and actor, is known for his lighthearted humor and bald head. However, fans were recently shocked to see him sporting a full head of hair. This has led to rumors and speculations about him wearing a toupee. But why was Howie Mandel wearing a toupee, and was he always balding?

Howie Mandel’s Current Hairstyle

Howie Mandel’s current hairstyle is one that is well-known and recognizable to fans of the comedian and television personality. Mandel’s decision to shave his head and keep it bald has been a defining characteristic of his appearance for many years and is partly due to his struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Specifically, Howie Mandel suffers from mysophobia, an intense fear of germs and contamination.

As a result, he has chosen to forgo having hair on his head as a way of reducing the risk of exposure to these perceived threats. While some fans may miss Mandel’s previous hairstyles, his current choice remains a symbol of his perseverance and commitment to managing his mental health.

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When and Why Did Howie Mandel Wear A Toupee?

Howie Mandel wore a hair system on Jimmy Kimmel Live once. This was for comedic purposes, and he removed it during the show.

Howie Mandel wore a hair system to make himself look younger and more attractive. This non-surgical treatment is popular among those who suffer from hair loss. He did not try to keep it a secret. Many men use hair systems to boost their confidence and self-esteem, which they lose when their hair falls out. As society develops, the embarrassment of hair loss and wearing hair systems is decreasing. This is a positive change.

Was Howie Mandel Always Bald?

No, he used to have a full head of hair, and it’s hard to imagine him with that hairstyle now. It’s unclear when he lost his hair, but he is now completely bald. The reason behind his shaved head is due to his struggle with OCD.

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Is It A Good Idea For Howie Mandel to Continue to Use A Wig?

Pros of wearing a wig:

  • It can help to restore a person’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Wigs are versatile, allowing the wearer to change their style or color as they please.
  • They can protect the scalp from sun damage and cold weather.

Cons of wearing a wig:

  • Wigs can be hot, itchy, and uncomfortable.
  • They require maintenance and can be costly.
  • There is always the risk of the wig slipping or falling off.

Regarding whether wearing a toupee is a good idea for people with OCD, it is important to note that OCD is a mental health disorder that affects each person differently. However, some people with OCD may have obsessions around cleanliness, hygiene, and personal appearance. In those cases, they may find wearing a toupee to be a helpful way to feel clean and put-together. Conversely, some individuals with OCD may fixate on the toupee as a source of germs or contamination. It’s essential to work with a therapist or medical professional to determine the best course of action for managing symptoms.

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In conclusion, it is clear that Howie Mandel did have concerns about his hair loss. However, he was able to embrace his baldness and make it a part of his brand. Whether he chooses to wear a toupee or not, it does not change his talent or comedic timing. Regardless of what hairstyle he’s sporting, we’ll always appreciate Howie for his sense of humor and his ability to make us laugh.

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