15 Best Keanu Reeves Hairstyles and Will He Go Bald?

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Keanu Reeves is widely known for his acting chops, but his ever-changing hairstyles have also been a topic of conversation for years. With the actor now in his 50s, many are wondering if he will go bald and how he may adapt his hairstyles to accommodate this change.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

Before we dive deep into his hair, it’s important to briefly introduce Keanu Reeves. Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964, Keanu is a Canadian actor, producer, and musician. He began his acting career in the 1980s and is best known for his roles in films such as The Matrix, John Wick, and Speed. Keanu has won numerous awards during his career and is considered to be one of the most beloved actors of his generation.

Keanu Reeves Best Hairstyle: Long Hair With Centre Parting

Keanu Reeves Hair

This is one of the best Keanu Reeves hair looks. The most popular and iconic hairstyle is his long hair with a center parting. This hairstyle has been seen in several films, such as the Matrix series, and has undoubtedly become one of his most recognizable looks. The hairstyle is achieved by growing out the hair long and parting it in the middle to create two equally long sections. The look is versatile, allowing the hair to be styled in many ways.

How to Get Keanu Reeves’ Dark and Dapper Hairstyle?

Keanu has also been seen with shorter, darker hair, which is both classy and sophisticated. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a dapper look, and it’s easy to achieve. All you need is a sharp razor and a strong-holding styling product. Here’s a quick rundown on how you can replicate his hairdo:

Method A: How to style?

Materials needed:

  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Hair clippers or scissors
  • Hair gel
  • Hair spray


  1. Start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner to ensure it’s clean and hydrated.
  2. Towel dry your hair and comb it to remove any tangles.
  3. Use hair clippers or scissors to cut your hair short on the sides and back, leaving some length on the top.
  4. Use a hairbrush to create a side parting and comb the top of your hair to one side.
  5. Style the hair on the top by applying a small amount of hair gel, ensuring that it’s spread evenly from root to tip.
  6. Use the comb to create a side-swept look by combing from the parting towards the other side.
  7. Finish your style by applying hair spray to keep it in place.

With these steps, you should be able to achieve Keanu Reeves’ dark and dapper hairstyle. However, hairstyles can vary depending on different hair types, so feel free to make adjustments according to your individual hair type and styling preferences.

Method B: Buy a similar style wig

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick solution, you can consider buying a wig that emulates Keanu’s hairstyle. Our toupee shop Rehairsystem offer men’s hair system that replicate his most popular looks.

The advantages of our hairpieces are:

  • Natural Look: Our wigs provide a natural look that blends seamlessly with your natural hair. The hair systems mimic the natural hair growth pattern, ensuring that your toupee looks and feels like your real hair.
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  • Durability: Our toupee has a long lifetime. We use high-quality materials and techniques that ensure the hair doesn’t fall out or wear out quickly, making your toupee last longer.
  • Comfort: Our hair replacement system uses lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down or create discomfort. The added hair is attached to the toupee base in a way that doesn’t irritate the scalp or cause tension headaches.

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15 Classic Keanu Reeves Haircuts

The Casual Young Keanu Reeves Haircut

Keanu Reeves Hair

This hairstyle is all about playing it cool with a laid-back attitude. It is perfect for those who want to exude a youthful vibe and showcase a carefree attitude. The casual young Keanu Reeves haircut features long, swept-back locks, which evoke a sense of freedom and relaxation.

The Messy Hairstyle

Keanu Reeves Hair

Next up is the messy hairstyle, a rugged and stylish look that Keanu Reeves has pulled off effortlessly. This haircut is perfect for those who want to get ready quickly, without any fuss. The messy hair features a timeless, laid-back, and effortless vibe, enhancing Keanu Reeves’s ruggedly handsome features.

The Buzz Cut

Keanu Reeves Hair

For those who want to cut down on their styling time, the buzz cut may be the right choice for you. Keanu Reeves’s neatly trimmed buzz cut is quite clean and fresh, with just the right amount of edge. This haircut is sophisticated, low-maintenance, and looks great on any face shape.

Handsome Short Hairstyle

Keanu Reeves Hair

Keanu Reeves is known for his strikingly good looks, and a handsome short hairstyle that he’s slayed can be quite alluring. This hairstyle is the definition of simplicity and refinement. Featuring a short back and sides, the hair leaves the top longer for an effortless parting and a side-swept bang.

The 80s Hair

Keanu Reeves Hair

If you’re looking for the ultimate 80s hairstyle inspiration, Keanu Reeves’s hair will leave you feeling ready to rock. His perfectly coiffed ears tuck behind locks that mix both edgy and glam. This look showcases the classic 80s-era vibes with its neat and tidy finish.

Baby Bangs Haircut

Keanu Reeves Hair

The Baby Bangs Haircut is a daring look that Keanu Reeves has tried out before. This haircut showcases his chiseled features and gives him a playful twist. With just the right amount of fringe, this cut is both daring and easy to style.

The Medium Shaggy Hair

Keanu Reeves Hair

Up next is the medium shaggy hair, a haircut that strikes the balance between refined and edgy. Keanu Reeves has styled his hair in this way to give himself a charming and playful feel. The cut features carefree layers, that add texture and a rugged edge to his overall ensemble.

90s Hairstyle

Keanu Reeves Hair

For the ultimate ’90s theme, Keanu Reeves’s hair is the perfect example. He had a perfectly shaggy, grown-out look that enhanced his perfect laid-back attitude. This haircut was edgy, effortless, and sophisticated at the same time.

Laid Back Surfer Hair

Keanu Reeves Hair

Are you dreaming of a relaxed, beachy vibe for the summer? Look no further than Keanu Reeve’s Laid-Back Surfer Haircut. A straight, carefree style, the cut features an easy, yet polished finish that highlights his natural and effortless charm. A popular style for those who want to convey a carefree, laid-back approach to life.

Top Knot With Framing Sides

Keanu Reeves Hair

The top knot is a versatile hairstyle that Keanu Reeves wears with ease. With Framing Sides, the top knot is stylish and sophisticated. This haircut remains a perfect combo of style with functionality, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Relaxed Side Part

Keanu Reeves Hair

The relaxed side part signature look is key to Keanu Reeves’s fashion sense. The haircut embraces his rugged and masculine side and combines it with a soft, gentle side. It has a great way of making him look younger and more modern.

Outgrown Faux Hawk

Keanu Reeves Hair

The outgrown faux hawk is a trendsetter that Keanu Reeves rocked like no other. It features a punk-rock vibe, with easy styling that doesn’t require too much upkeep. The hairstyle is ideal for anyone who wants to mix both sophistication and edge.

Glazed Brushed Back Hair

Keanu Reeves Hair

The glazed brushed-back hairstyle showcases Keanu Reeves’s perfect hairline and a well-groomed finish. The hairstyle is sophisticated and modern, with a polished shine that highlights his perfect bone structure.

Regular Cut

Keanu Reeves Hair

Keanu Reeves has proved to us that even a regular cut can look stylish if done the right way. This no-fuss haircut proves to be timeless, classic, and professional. It is perfect for those who want to look sharp yet effortless during their everyday routine.

Polished Flattop

Keanu Reeves Hair

Last but not least, Keanu Reeves has sported the polished flattop that features a brushed-back look with sleek sides. This sleek, edgy look is perfect for those who love to command attention. You can style this haircut to blend with any occasion with ease.

See More:

Does Keanu Have A Receding Hairline?

Keanu’s recent appearance at the Film Independent Spirit Awards revealed gray hair and a beard. Along with that, a closer look showed a slightly backward position of the hairline and early signs of baldness on his head’s crown. It’s common for most men to experience hair loss around Keanu’s age.

Will Keanu Go Bald in the Future?

There has been speculation that Keanu may go bald in the future, like many actors and celebrities. However, the actor has not commented on this possibility. Fans of Keanu remain hopeful that he won’t go bald, as his hair has been such an iconic part of his appearance.

Does Keanu Reeves Wear A Hairpiece?

He denies being bald and enjoys experimenting with hairdos. He briefly grew out his hair after a shaved head photo went viral, leading to speculation about his thinning hair. Netizens now assume that he wears hairpieces or a wig. However, there is no conclusive evidence of Reeves being bald. He actually has lovely, naturally thick hair that he’s styled differently in various film roles, such as shaving his head or sporting long locks.

Should Keanu Reeves Choose A Toupee For Future Baldness?

In the unlikely event that Keanu does go bald in the future, fans have debated whether or not he should choose a toupee. However, this would be entirely up to him and his personal preferences.


What is Male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a common condition characterized by hair loss on the scalp and temples. It is also called androgenetic alopecia and is caused by a genetic predisposition and hormone levels.

What’s Hair loss treatment?

Hair loss treatment can vary depending on the cause and severity of hair loss. Some options include medications such as finasteride and minoxidil, hair transplants, low-level laser therapy, and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

How does Keanu Reeves take care of his hair?

There are no specific public statements or information on how Keanu Reeves takes care of his hair. However, it is apparent that he keeps his signature long hair well-groomed and healthy, potentially using professional hair care services and products.

How long does it take to grow Keanu Reeves’s hair?

The time required to grow Keanu Reeves’s hair would depend on various factors. Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, meaning his long hair may have taken several years to grow to his desired length.

What hair products does Keanu Reeves use?

There is no official information on the specific hair care products Keanu Reeves uses.


Whether he goes bald or not, Keanu Reeves will continue to be a style icon. From his edgy buzz cut in “The Matrix” to his long flowing locks in “Point Break,” Reeves has shown that he can pull off any hairstyle with ease. No matter what he decides to do with his hair, one thing is for sure: Keanu Reeves will forever remain a timeless and effortlessly cool Hollywood icon.

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