How to Find The Best Wig Maker Near You?

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Wigs are a popular choice for individuals who want to experiment with different hairstyles or for those suffering from hair loss. Finding the best wig maker near you can make all the difference in achieving a natural-looking and high-quality wig. From here, we will discuss the benefits of choosing local wig makers, what to consider when selecting one, and provide tips for finding the best wig maker near you.

Benefits of Choosing Local Wig Makers

  1. Customization: Local wig makers have the ability to create custom wigs that are tailored specifically to your preferences and needs.
  2. Personalized Service: When you select a local wig maker, you often get a more personalized and hands-on experience.
  3. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Local wig makers typically take pride in their workmanship and put great attention to detail into every wig they create.
  4. Faster Turnaround Times: Since you are dealing with a local wig maker, the time it takes for your wig to be made and ready for wear is regularly much shorter compared to ordering from a distant source.

What’s the Best Wig Maker?

The best wig maker varies for each individual depending on their specific needs and preferences. The best wig maker will be one that can cater to your unique requirements, offers high-quality craftsmanship, and delivers exceptional customer service.

How to Find the Best Wig Maker Near You?

To find the best wig maker near you, you can try these methods:

Ask for recommendations

Start by asking friends, family, or any acquaintances who have experience with wig makers. They can provide referrals based on their own positive experiences.

Check online directories

Explore online directories, such as Yelp, Google Maps, or local business directories. Look for wig makers with high ratings and positive reviews in your area. Pay attention to customer feedback and comments about the quality of their work.

Utilize social media

Join local community groups or social media platforms (such as Facebook groups) where people discuss hair and beauty services. Ask for recommendations or post an inquiry about finding a reputable wig maker in your area.

Visit local beauty supply stores

Ask the staff at beauty supply stores if they can recommend any wig makers in the area. Since they cater to the hair and beauty industry, they might have connections or knowledge of wig makers who supply their store with wigs.

Consult with professional hairstylists

Reach out to hairstylists who specialize in working with wigs or hair extensions. They may have contacts or recommendations for skilled wig makers.

What to Consider When Choosing a Local Wig Maker?

  • Location and proximity: This will make it more convenient for fittings, alterations, or any necessary adjustments during the wig-making process.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Reading customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the quality of service and craftsmanship offered by a particular wig maker.
  • Additional services provided: Consider what additional services the local wig maker offers. Do they provide styling, maintenance, or repair services for wigs?

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The 10 Hottest Wig Makers in the US

For those seeking inspiration or specific recommendations, here is a list of the top ten hottest wig makers in the US.

  1. I Kick Shins – Known for their high-quality wigs, I Kick Shins offers a wide range of styles and colors to suit every individual’s preference.
  2. The Wig Company – With over 50 years of experience, The Wig Company is a reputed wig maker offering a vast collection of stylish wigs for men and women.
  3. RPGShow – Specializing in lace front wigs, RPGShow is highly regarded for its realistic and customizable wigs, often used by celebrities and influencers.
  4. Divatress – Offering trendy and affordable wigs, Divatress has become a go-to choice for individuals seeking fashionable and affordable wig options.
  5. UniWigs – Known for their high-quality human hair wigs, UniWigs offers a wide variety of styles, ensuring a natural and comfortable look.
  6. Hairvivi – Renowned for their realistic pre-plucked lace front wigs, Hairvivi creates wigs that blend seamlessly with natural hairlines.
  7. – A trusted online wig retailer, offers a variety of wigs from renowned wig makers, ensuring a wide selection for customers.
  8. Mayvenn – Specializing in human hair wigs, Mayvenn provides natural-looking and long-lasting wigs that are highly favored by many.
  9. WowAfrican – Known for its high-quality lace front wigs, WowAfrican offers a range of options, including natural-looking and vibrant-colored wigs.
  10. Wig Dynasty – Offering a diverse range of wigs, from synthetic to virgin hair, Wig Dynasty ensures premium craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

The Best Online Wig Maker – Rehairsystem

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Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of styles, colors, and lengths, catering to various preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a short and sassy wig or a long and glamorous one, they have something for everyone.

Moreover, our user-friendly website allows for easy browsing and purchasing, simplifying the entire buying process. Their transparent pricing and numerous customer reviews further enhance the trustworthiness of the brand.

Lastly, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why they offer a hassle-free return policy and exceptional after-sales support.

So, if you’re looking for the best online wig maker, is the ideal choice for unparalleled quality, variety, and customer service.

Tips for Maintaining Wigs

Once you have found the best wig maker near you or online, it is essential to maintain your wig properly to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Here are a few tips for wig maintenance:

  • Use specialized wig care products: Regular hair care products may contain ingredients that can damage the fibers of your wig.
  • Store your wig properly: When not in use, store your wig on a wig stand or in a wig box to maintain its shape and prevent tangling.
  • Clean your wig regularly: Depending on how often you wear your wig, it is recommended to clean it every 6-8 weeks.


How much does it cost for someone to make a wig?

Generally, professional wig makers charge between $500 to $2,000 or more to create a custom wig.

What is the correct name for a wig maker?

The correct name for a wig maker is a “wig stylist” or “wig designer.”

What is the best company to buy a wig from?

Some popular and reputable companies that offer a wide range of wigs include,, and UniWigs.

Is it expensive to make a wig?

Making a wig can be expensive, particularly if you opt for high-quality materials like human hair. The cost includes not only the hair, but also the skilled labor and time required to create the wig.

Can hairdressers do wigs?

Yes, hairdressers can also work with wigs. Many hairdressers have training and experience in wig styling and customization.


Finding the best wig maker near you is crucial for ensuring you receive a high-quality, customized wig that meets your expectations. Consider the location, customer reviews, and additional services provided when making your choice. Whether you choose a local wig maker or an online wig maker like Rehairsystem, remember to properly maintain your wig to prolong its lifespan. Enjoy your new, fabulous hair and embrace the confidence and versatility wigs offer.

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